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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Rutger Swedish form of Roger 'renowned spear'. Male Swedish -
Rutger Famous fighter. Male Teutonic -
Ruth Season Female Assemese -
Ruth Drunk, satisfied Female Biblical -
Ruth friendship Female Filipino -
Ruth compassionate friend Female Hebrew Ruthie, Ruthanne
Ruth Season Female Indian -
Rutherford From the cattle ford. Male English -
Rutherford from the cattle ford Male Filipino -
Rutherford from the cattle ford Male Old-English Ruthren
Ruthie a familiar form of Ruth Female Hebrew -
Ruthrabala A River's Name Female Indian -
Ruthranayagi Daughter of Truth Female Indian -
Ruthrapriya Season Female Indian -
Ruthresh Shiva Male Indian -
Ruthu Season Female Indian -
Ruthvi Love and Saint Male Indian -
Ruthvik Saint Male Indian -
Ruthvika Speech Female Bengali -
Ruthvika Speech Female Indian -
Rutik Joy; Richness Male Indian -
Rutika Garden of Flowers Female Indian -
Rutland From the root land. Male Norse -
Rutland 'King Henry IV, Part 1' Earl of March. Scroop. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Edmund, Earl of Rutland and son to Richard Plantagenet. Male Shakespearean -
Rutledge From the red pool. Male English -
Rutley From the root meadow. Male English -
Rutthvick N/A Male Indian -
Rutti Season Female Indian -
Rutu The Season Female Indian -
Rutuja Queen of Seasons Female Indian -
Rutuja Queen of Seasons Male Indian -
Rutujeet N/A Male Indian -
Rutujit Conquerer Of Seasons Male Bengali -
Rutujit Conquerer of Seasons Male Indian -
Rutumbhara Beautiful; Pretty Female Indian -
Ruturaj Lord of All Seasons Male Indian -
Rutva Speech,Season Female Assemese -
Rutva Speech Female Hindi -
Rutva Season Female Indian -
Rutva Speech Male Indian -
Rutveg Can Travel in All Climatic Conditions Male Indian -
Rutvi Wish Female Indian -
Rutvi Season Male Indian -
Rutvij Straight; Tall Male Indian -
Rutwa Gandharva Male Indian -
Rutwaak A Sage Male Indian -
Ruusu Rose. Female Finnish -
Ruusu Rose. Female Latin -
Ruwaid, Ruwayd Walking gently Male Muslim -
Ruwaidah Walking gently Female Arabic -
Ruwaidah, Ruwaydah Walking gently Female Muslim -
Ruwan Gold Male Indian -
Ruwayda Walking Gently Female Indian -
Ruwaydah Walking gently Female Arabic -
Ruwayfi Exalted Male Arabic -
Ruwayfi Exalted Male Muslim -
Ruyah Dream, vision Female Arabic -
Ruyah Dream, vision Female Muslim -
Ruza Rose. Female Czechoslovakian -
Ruzal Delicate Female Indian -
Ruzena Rose. Female Latin -
Rwiju Straight; Erected Male Indian -
Ryan king Both Filipino -
Ryan little king Both Gaelic Ryen, Rian, Ryanne
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