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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ryan Little king. Male Gaelic
Ryan Descendant of Rian; King Male Indian
Ryan Little king Male Irish
Ryann Little ruler Female Irish
Ryba fish Female Czech
Ryba First. Male Czechoslovakian
Rybar Fisherman. Male Czechoslovakian
Ryce Plunders. Male Anglo
Rycroft From the rye field. Male English
Rydell Horseman; rider. Male Scandinavian
Ryden Horseman; rider. Male Scandinavian
Ryder knight, mounted warrior Both Filipino
Ryder Knight. Male English
Rydge From the ridge. Male English
Rydle Horse Rider Male Indian
Rye Island meadow. Male English
Rye Island meadow Male Irish
Ryen Little king Male Irish
Ryence A Welsh king. Male Arthurian-Legend
Ryesen Rye Female English
Rygecroft From the rye field. Male English
Rygeland From the rye land. Male English
Rygemann Rye merchant. Male English
Ryka Born out of a Prayer Female Indian
Ryker Surname form of Richard. Commander Ryker from the TV show Star T rek: The Next Generation. Male Dutch
Ryker becoming rich Male Filipino
Rylan Island meadow. Male English
Rylan Island meadow Male Irish
Rylan dweller in the rye field Male Old-English
Ryland From the rye land 'Island meadow.'. Male English
Ryland Island meadow Male Irish
Rylee Island meadow Female Irish
Ryleigh Island meadow. Male English
Ryleigh Island meadow Male Irish
Ryley Island meadow. Male English
Ryley Island meadow Male Irish
Ryman Rye merchant. Male English
Ryn Ruler. Male Welsh
Ryna King Male Indian
Ryo excellent Male Japanese
Ryoichi first son of Ryo Male Japanese
Ryoko child of Ryo Female Japanese
Ryon Little king Male Irish
Ryons A Welsh king. Male Arthurian-Legend
Ryozo third son of Ryo Male Japanese
Rypan Pain. Male Anglo
Rysc Rush. Male English
Ryscford Lives near the rush ford. Male English
Ryszard Powerful ruler. Male German
Rytasha Queen of Night Female Indian
Rythem Bunch of Flowers; Musical Female Indian
Ryton Rygetun - from the rye farm. Male English
Ryu lofty Female Japanese
Ryuichi first son of Ryu Male Japanese
Ryuji Dragon Man Male Japanese
Ryung brightness Female Korean
Ryung brightness Male Korean
Ryzard Polish form of Richard 'strong ruler'. Male Polish
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