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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tanmaya Consisting of That Male Indian -
Tanmayee Ecstasy In Sanskrit & Telugu Female Assemese -
Tanmayee Ecstasy (In Sanskrit & Telugu ) Female Hindi -
Tanmayee Ecstasy Female Indian -
Tanmayi Ecstasy (In Sanskrit & Telugu) Female Hindi -
Tanmayi Ecstasy in Sanskrit and Telugu Female Indian -
Tanmayi Ecstasy Male Indian -
Tanner Worker in leather. Male English -
Tanner leather worker Male Old-English -
Tannere Leather maker. Male English -
Tannishtha Dedicated Female Indian -
Tannistha devoted Female Assemese -
Tannistha Devoted Female Indian -
Tannu Body; Strength; Power Female Indian -
Tano name of river Male Ghanese -
Tanoj Son Male Indian -
Tansanee beautiful view Female Thai -
Tanseem Salute Of Paradise Female Bengali -
Tanseem Salute of Paradise Female Indian -
Tanseem Soft Wind Male Indian -
Tanshu Quite Nature Male Indian -
Tansi Beautiful Princess Female Indian -
Tansneem A River in Paradise Female Indian -
Tansy immortality, flower name Both Greek, Hopi Indian -
Tansy Immortality. Also the name of a flower. Female Greek -
Tansy Tenacious. Female Latin -
Tantalus Condemned to etemal torment. Male Greek -
Tantav A Son Male Indian -
Tanton From the quiet river farm. Male English -
Tantra Treatises on Ritual; Meditation; Discipline Female Indian -
Tantra Treatises on Ritual; Meditation; Discipline Male Indian -
Tantrayin The Sun Male Indian -
Tantrika Ecstasy; Engrossed Female Indian -
Tantrika Ambition Male Indian -
Tantry N/A Male Indian -
Tanu Slim Female Assemese -
Tanu Slim Female Hindi -
Tanu Female Hindu -
Tanu Body Female Indian -
Tanu Slender; Delicate Male Indian -
Tanubhav Son Male Indian -
Tanubhava Daughter Female Indian -
Tanuj Son Male Bengali -
Tanuj Son Male Indian -
Tanuja Daughter Female Bengali -
Tanuja Daughter Female Hindi -
Tanuja Female Hindu -
Tanuja Daughter Female Indian -
Tanuja Born of the Body Male Indian -
Tanuka Slender Female Indian -
Tanul River That Flows Delicately Female Indian -
Tanul To Expand; Progress Male Indian -
Tanulata slim ( creeper - like body) Female Assemese -
Tanulata Slim; Creeper Like Body Female Indian -
Tanun The Wind Male Indian -
Tanuna Bodiless Male Indian -
Tanunpat Self Generated; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tanupa hunger Female Bengali -
Tanupa Hunger Female Indian -
Tanupriya N/A Female Indian -
Tanurikia A Flower Female Indian -
Tanurj With Heat in the Body Male Indian -
Tanush Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tanusha A Blessing Female Indian -
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