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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Taneesha Ambition Female Bengali -
Taneesha Ambition Female Indian -
Tanek immortal Male Polish -
Taneli Finnish form of Daniel. Male Finnish -
Taner Male Turkish -
Tanesh N/A Male Indian -
Tanesha Born on Monday. Female African -
Taneshwar Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tangakin precious Female Armenian -
Tangakwunu Rainbow (Hopi). Male Native-American -
Tangerina From Tangiers. Female English -
Tangerine From Tangiers. Female English -
Tanguy Fighter. Male Celtic -
Tangwen Legendary daughter of Gweir. Female Welsh -
Tani valley; sweetheart; youth; bull that charges randomly Female Japanese, Melanesian, Tonkinese, Andalusian -
Tani valley Male Japanese -
Tania Abbreviation of Tatiana which is feminine of the Roman family clan name Tatius. Female English -
Tania Name of a Princess; Daughter Female Indian -
Taniamitra Friend of Fairy Queen Female Indian -
Tanicus Male Latin -
Taniel God is my judge Male Armen -
Tanika rope Female Filipino -
Tanika Rope Female Hindi -
Tanika Rope Female Indian -
Taniksha Golden Stone Female Indian -
Tanim Wave of the Sea, Rythem. Male Arabic -
Tanim Wave of the Sea, Rythem Male Muslim -
Tanima Slenderness Female Assemese -
Tanima Slenderness Female Indian -
Tanip Sun Male Indian -
Tanirika A Flower Female Hindi -
Tanirika A Flower Female Indian -
Tanish Ambition Male Indian -
Tanisha Happiness. Female Arabic -
Tanisha Ambition Female Bengali -
Tanisha born on monday Female Filipino -
Tanisha Ambition Female Hindi -
Tanisha Ambition Female Indian -
Tanisha Happiness Female Muslim -
Tanishi Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Tanishia Born on Monday. Female African -
Tanishia Born on Monday. Male African -
Tanishka Goddess of Gold Female Indian -
Tanishkaa Goddess of Gold Female Indian -
Tanishq Jewel Male Bengali -
Tanishq Jewel Male Indian -
Tanishtha Dedicated Female Indian -
Tanisi Goddess Durga Female Assemese -
Tanisi Goddess Durga Female Hindi -
Tanisi Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Taniska N/A Female Indian -
Tanisth Smallest Male Indian -
Tanistha Smallest Male Indian -
Tanith Derived from the name of the main goddess of Carthage and adopted for use as a first name in Great Britain. Female English -
Tanith N/A Male Indian -
Taniya Daughter Female Indian -
Tanjan N/A Female Indian -
Tanka Victorious Male Indian -
Tanmai Very Calm Female Indian -
Tanmai Engrossed Male Indian -
Tanmanyi Ecstasy Female Indian -
Tanmay Engrossed; Absorbed Male Indian -
Tanmaya Reincarnated Female Hindi -
Tanmaya Absorbed Female Indian -
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