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Popular Baby Names starting with X

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Xetrapati Lord of the Body Male Indian
Xever Owns a new house. Male Spanish
Xexilia blind of self beauty Female Filipino
Xhaiden created name, beam of cleansing light Male Filipino
Xhosa Sweet. (South African). Female African
Xia Welcoming; hospitable. Female Greek
Xiang fragrant Female Chinese
Xiang fragrant Female Filipino
Xiang Fragrance Female Indian
Xiang circling in the air (like a bird) Male Chinese
Xiao Male Galician
Xiaobo little wrestler Male Chinese
Xiaodan little dawn Female Chinese
Xiaofan little ordinary Female Chinese
Xiaohui little wisdom Female Chinese
Xiaojian little healthy Male Chinese
Xiaojing morning luxuriance Female Chinese
Xiaolian little lotus Female Chinese
Xiaoling morning tinkle Female Chinese
Xiaosheng little birth Female Chinese
Xiaosheng little birth Male Chinese
Xiaotong morning redness Female Chinese
Xiaowen morning cloud coloring Female Chinese
Xiaozhi little iris Female Chinese
Xiasheng little newborn Male Chinese
Ximen obedient Male Spanish
Ximena hearkening Female Filipino
Ximena Female Hebrew
Ximenes Listening Intently Male Indian
Ximon God is heard. Male Basque
Ximun God is heard. Male Basque
Xin new Male Chinese
Xing star Both Filipino
Xing arising Male Chinese
Xing Xing twin stars Both Filipino
Xiomar Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar. Male German
Xiomar Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar. Male Italian
Xiomara ready for battle Female Filipino
Xiomara glorious forest Female Teutonic
Xiti Beautiful Female Indian
Xitij The Earth and the Sky Meets Male Indian
Xiu grace Female Chinese
Xiu elegant, beautiful Female Filipino
Xiu cultivated Male Chinese
Xiulan graceful orchid Female Chinese
Xiurong elegant countenance Female Chinese
Xoan God is good Male Hebrew
Xoana God is compassionate and merciful Female Hebrew
Xob persecuted, afflicted Male Hebrew
Xoinia From the Farming Land; Femaine of Xoin Female Indian
Xolani please forgive Female Filipino
Xorn Xorn is a fictional name which was created and used in the American comic, X-Man. The name was also used in the role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons. It is not commonly used to name babies, except by fanatical X-Men or Dungeons fans. Male Filipino
Xosefa seated by God Female Hebrew
Xuan spring Both Filipino
Xuan springtime Female Vietnamese
Xuan spring Male Vietnamese
Xudas a form of Judas Male Hebrew
Xue snow Female Chinese
Xue snow Female Filipino
Xue studious Male Chinese
Xue Fang fragrant snow Female Filipino
Xueqin snow-white celery Male Chinese
Xueyou studious and friendly Male Chinese
Xurxo Male Galician
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