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Popular Baby Names starting with X

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Xetrapati Lord of the Body Male Indian -
Xever Owns a new house. Male Spanish -
Xexilia blind of self beauty Female Filipino -
Xhaiden created name, beam of cleansing light Male Filipino -
Xhosa Sweet. (South African). Female African -
Xia Welcoming; hospitable. Female Greek -
Xiang fragrant Female Chinese -
Xiang fragrant Female Filipino -
Xiang Fragrance Female Indian -
Xiang circling in the air (like a bird) Male Chinese -
Xiao Male Galician -
Xiaobo little wrestler Male Chinese -
Xiaodan little dawn Female Chinese -
Xiaofan little ordinary Female Chinese -
Xiaohui little wisdom Female Chinese -
Xiaojian little healthy Male Chinese -
Xiaojing morning luxuriance Female Chinese -
Xiaolian little lotus Female Chinese -
Xiaoling morning tinkle Female Chinese -
Xiaosheng little birth Female Chinese -
Xiaosheng little birth Male Chinese -
Xiaotong morning redness Female Chinese -
Xiaowen morning cloud coloring Female Chinese -
Xiaozhi little iris Female Chinese -
Xiasheng little newborn Male Chinese -
Ximen obedient Male Spanish -
Ximena hearkening Female Filipino -
Ximena Female Hebrew -
Ximenes Listening Intently Male Indian -
Ximon God is heard. Male Basque -
Ximun God is heard. Male Basque -
Xin new Male Chinese -
Xing star Both Filipino -
Xing arising Male Chinese -
Xing Xing twin stars Both Filipino -
Xiomar Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar. Male German -
Xiomar Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar. Male Italian -
Xiomara ready for battle Female Filipino -
Xiomara glorious forest Female Teutonic -
Xiti Beautiful Female Indian -
Xitij The Earth and the Sky Meets Male Indian -
Xiu grace Female Chinese -
Xiu elegant, beautiful Female Filipino -
Xiu cultivated Male Chinese -
Xiulan graceful orchid Female Chinese -
Xiurong elegant countenance Female Chinese -
Xoan God is good Male Hebrew -
Xoana God is compassionate and merciful Female Hebrew -
Xob persecuted, afflicted Male Hebrew -
Xoinia From the Farming Land; Femaine of Xoin Female Indian -
Xolani please forgive Female Filipino -
Xorn Xorn is a fictional name which was created and used in the American comic, X-Man. The name was also used in the role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons. It is not commonly used to name babies, except by fanatical X-Men or Dungeons fans. Male Filipino -
Xosefa seated by God Female Hebrew -
Xuan spring Both Filipino -
Xuan springtime Female Vietnamese -
Xuan spring Male Vietnamese -
Xudas a form of Judas Male Hebrew -
Xue snow Female Chinese -
Xue snow Female Filipino -
Xue studious Male Chinese -
Xue Fang fragrant snow Female Filipino -
Xueqin snow-white celery Male Chinese -
Xueyou studious and friendly Male Chinese -
Xurxo Male Galician -
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