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Popular Baby Names starting with X

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Xuthus Son of Helen. Male Greek -
Xuwicha excellent education Male Thai -
Xuxa queen Female Filipino -
Xuxa Lily. Nickname for Susana used by the hostess of a popular Brazilian children's TV show. Female Latin -
Xylander forest man Male Filipino -
Xylia from the forest Female Filipino -
Xylia wood dweller Female Greek -
Xyliana From the woods. Female Greek -
Xylina From the woods. Female Greek -
Xylinia From the woods. Female Greek -
Xylon from the forest Male Filipino -
Xylon From the forest. Male Greek -
Xylon From the Forest; Wood or Forest Male Indian -
Xylona from the forest Female Greek Xylina, Zylona, Zylina
Xyza by the sea Female Gothic Chelsea
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