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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aakaar Shape Male Assemese
Aakaar Shape Male Bengali
Aakaar Shape Male Indian
Aakaash Sky Male Indian
Aakaksha Desire Female Indian
Aakanksh Desire Male Assemese
Aakanksh Desire Male Indian
Aakanksha Desire Female Indian
Aakansha Desire Female Indian
Aakansha N/A Male Indian
Aakar Shape Male Indian
Aakarsh Attraction Male Indian
Aakarsha Above Everybody Female Indian
Aakarshaka Attractive Female Indian
Aakarshan Attraction Male Assemese
Aakarshan attraction Male Hindu
Aakarshan Attraction Male Indian
Aakarshana Attraction Female Indian
Aakarshika Having Attractive Power Female Indian
Aakash The sky; Vast like the sky Male Bengali
Aakash The Sky Male Indian
Aakashdeep The Sky; Vast Like the Sky Male Indian
Aakashi Fame Female Bengali
Aakashi Sky Colour Female Indian
Aakav Form;Shape Male Indian
Aakeen Faith Female Indian
Aakesh Sky Male Indian
Aakhya Fame Male Indian
Aakhyaan Legend; Story of Famous Person Male Indian
Aakifah Devoted, Dedicated. Female Arabic
Aakifah Devoted, Dedicated Female Muslim
Aakil Intelligent; Smart Male Indian
Aakrit Shape Male Indian
Aakriti Shape Female Hindi
Aakriti Shape Female Indian
Aakriti Shape Male Indian
Aakruthi Shape Female Indian
Aakruti Shape Female Indian
Aakshat Unharmed Male Indian
Aala Bounties Female Arabic
Aala Bounties Female Muslim
Aalam World Male Arabic
Aalam The Whole World Male Indian
Aalam World Male Muslim
Aalambi Continuer Male Indian
Aalap Musical Male Assemese
Aalap Musical Male Indian
Aaleahya Sunshine Female Indian
Aalee Sublime, high Male Arabic
Aalee Sublime; High Male Indian
Aalee Sublime, high Male Muslim
Aalekh Learned; Shiva Male Indian
Aalem Learned, Learned man, Scholar, scientist. Male Afghan
Aaleyah Exalted, Highest social standing Female Arabic
Aaleyah a form of Aliya Female Hebrew
Aaleyah Exalted, Highest social standing Female Muslim
Aalhad Joy; Happiness Male Indian
Aalia Exhalted, Noble. Female Arabic
Aalia Exalted; Highest social standing,Excellent,big Female Bengali
Aalia Exalted; Highest Social Standing Female Indian
Aalia Exhalted, Noble Female Muslim
Aaliah a form of Aliya Female Hebrew
Aalim Religious Scholar Male Arabic
Aalim Religious Scholar Male Indian


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