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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aaradhy Adorable Male Indian
Aaradhya Worship Female Bengali
Aaradhya Worship Female Indian
Aaradhya Worshipped Male Indian
Aaral Flower Female Indian
Aaran a form of Aaron Male Hebrew
Aarashi First Ray of Sun Female Indian
Aarati Towards the Highest Love for God; Form of Worship; Divine Fire in Ritual Female Indian
Aaratrika Dusk lamp below tulsi plant Female Bengali
Aaratrika Dusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant Female Indian
Aaratrikia The Dusk Lamp Beneath Tulsi Plant Female Indian
Aarav Ray; Hope Female Indian
Aarav Peaceful Male Indian
Aaravi Peace Female Indian
Aaren Lofty or inspired. Male Scandinavian
Aarhant Protector from Enemies Male Indian
Aaric Variant of Aric 'rule with mercy.'. Male English
Aaric Variant of Aric rule with mercy. Male Norse
Aarif Knowing, aware Male Arabic
Aarif Acquainted; Knowledgeable Male Indian
Aarif Knowing, aware Male Muslim
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises Islam Female Arabic
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises Islam Female Muslim
Aariketh Ganesh Male Indian
Aarin Mountain Strength Female Indian
Aarini Adventurous Female Indian
Aarish Sky Male Assemese
Aarish Sky Male Bengali
Aarisha Mirror Female Indian
Aarit Respectable man; Intelligent Female Assemese
Aarit One who Seeks the Right Direction Male Indian
Aaritra Navigator Female Indian
Aaritra Navigator Male Indian
Aariv King of Wisdom Male Indian
Aariz Respectable man, Intellegent Male Arabic
Aariz Respectable Man; Intelligent Male Indian
Aariz Respectable man Male Muslim
Aarjav One who is Steadfast in Happy and Sorrow Male Indian
Aarman Desire Male Indian
Aarna Lakshmi Female Bengali
Aarna Lakshmi Female Indian
Aarnav Ocean; Sea Male Indian
Aarnavi Heart as Big as Ocean Female Indian
Aarnes Red Silk Male Indian
Aarnik Unique Male Indian
Aarogya Health Male Indian
Aaroha Always Ascending Male Indian
Aarohee Evolving Female Indian
Aarohi Tune Female Indian
Aaron A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength Male Biblical
Aaron strong, exalted Male Filipino
Aaron enlightened Male Hebrew
Aaron shining light, high mountain, messenger Male Hebrew, Arabic
Aaron High Mountain Male Indian
Aaron 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' A Moor, beloved by Tamora. Male Shakespearean
Aarpan Giving Away Male Indian
Aarpit To Donate Male Indian
Aarsh Crown Male Indian
Aarshabh Its an Another Name of Sri Krishna Male Indian
Aarshati Holy Female Bengali
Aarshati Holy Female Indian
Aarshin Pious Male Indian
Aarshiya N/A Female Indian
Aarsi Mirror Female Indian


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