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Popular Baby Names starting with H for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hannah Favor; grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel. Female English -
Hannah grace Female Filipino -
Hannah grace of God Female Hebrew Hana, Hanna
Hannah God has Favoured Me Female Indian -
Hannah Affection Female Muslim -
Hannalee Favor; grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel. Female English -
Hannalee Gracious Female Hebrew -
Hanne Feminine form of Hans. Female Danish -
Hanne gracious Female Hebrew -
Hannela Gracious Female Hebrew -
Hannele Gracious Female Hebrew -
Hanni a familiar form of Hannah Female Hebrew -
Hannuf upright, honest Female Arabic -
Hanrietta Rules the home. Female French -
Hanriette Rules the home. Female French -
Hansa Swan Female Hindi -
Hansa Swan Female Indian -
Hansa supreme happiness Female Thai -
Hansagamini As Graceful as Swan Female Indian -
Hansamala A Line or Row of Swans Female Indian -
Hansanadini Chattering Like a Swan Female Indian -
Hansanandini Daughter Of A Swan Female Bengali -
Hansanandini Daughter of the Swan Female Indian -
Hansaveni Another name for Saraswathi Female Assemese -
Hansaveni Another Name for Saraswathi Female Indian -
Hansdhwani Vocal Sound Of Swan Female Bengali -
Hansdhwani Vocal Sound of Swan Female Indian -
Hansha N/A Female Indian -
Hanshika Swan or Beautiful Lady Female Indian -
Hanshita Swan Female Indian -
Hansika Swan Female Indian -
Hansini Swan and Beautiful Lady Female Indian -
Hansuja Swan Female Bengali -
Hansuja Laxmi Female Indian -
Hanu Hanuman Female Indian -
Hanuman monkey god; dance Female Thai -
Hanvitha Happy Female Indian -
Hao good; perfect Female Vietnamese -
Happy Joyful Female Indian -
Haqikah Honest. Female Egyptian -
Har To Steal Female Indian -
Hara Princess; Seizer Female Indian -
Harapriya Beloved of Shiva Female Indian -
Harathi Divine Fire in Puja Ritual Female Indian -
Harbhajan A Devotee Absorbed in the Lord Female Indian -
Harbir Warrior of God Female Indian -
Harda N/A Female Indian -
Hardeep Lamp of God Female Indian -
Hardi From the Heart Female Indian -
Hardika Similar to Hardik; Full of Love Female Indian -
Hardikya N/A Female Indian -
Hardini Near of Hart Female Indian -
Hardipa Lamp of God Female Indian -
Hareem Walls of House of Kabba Female Arabic -
Hareem Walls of House of Kabba Female Muslim -
Harhsa Joy; Delight; One of the Three Sons of Dharma Female Indian -
Hari A Colour; Joy; Happiness Female Indian -
Hari priya Goddess Laxmi Female Indian -
Haribaala N/A Female Indian -
Haribala Daughter Of Lord Vishnu Female Assemese -
Haribala Daughter Of Lord Vishnu Female Bengali -
Haribala Daughter of Lord Vishnu Female Indian -
Hariganga Ganga of Vishnu Female Indian -
Hariharan Combined Form of Vishnu and Shiva Female Indian -
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