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Popular Baby Names starting with H for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Harpreet One who Loves God Female Indian -
Harriet Rules the Home. Feminine form of Harry (from Henry). Famous Bearer: Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1811). a variant of Henrietta. Female English -
Harriet Variant of Henrietta: Keeper of the hearth. Rules her household. From Henriette, the French feminine form of Henry. Female French -
Harriet home ruler Female Unknown Harriett, Hariett
Harriett Rules her household. Feminine of Harry from Henry. Female French -
Harrietta Rules the home. Female French -
Harriette Rules the home. Female French -
Harsala Glad Female Indian -
Harseerat God's Wisdom Female Indian -
Harsh Happiness Female Indian -
Harsha Female Hindu -
Harsha Happiness Female Indian -
Harshada Giver of joy Female Assemese -
Harshada One who Brings Happiness; Giver of Joy Female Indian -
Harshadayini One who Increases Joy Female Indian -
Harshal Glad Female Hindi -
Harshal Glad Female Indian -
Harshala Glad Female Indian -
Harshali Anand Female Indian -
Harshaprabha Joyous Female Indian -
Harshaprada Job Giver Female Indian -
Harsharan One who Takes Shelter in the Lord Female Indian -
Harsharani Queen of Joy; Smiling in Happiness Female Indian -
Harshashri Happiness Female Indian -
Harshavarthini Job Giver Female Indian -
Harshi Joyous Female Bengali -
Harshi Joyous Female Hindi -
Harshi Joyous Female Indian -
Harshida Giver of Joy Female Indian -
Harshika Laugh Female Indian -
Harshini Happy Female Hindi -
Harshini Joyous; Happy Female Indian -
Harshita happy Female Assemese -
Harshita Joyful,'One Who Brings Happiness Female Hindi -
Harshita Female Hindu -
Harshita Joyful; Who Brings Happiness Female Indian -
Harshitha Full Of Joy Female Bengali -
Harshitha Full of Joy Female Indian -
Harshmeet Happiness and Peace Female Indian -
Harshna Happiness Female Indian -
Harshni Joyful Female Indian -
Harshprada One who Gives Joy Female Indian -
Harshvina A Lute That Delights Female Indian -
Harsika Laugh Female Hindi -
Harsika Laugh Female Indian -
Harsita Full of Happiness Female Indian -
Harthika N/A Female Indian -
Haruki springtime tree Female Japanese -
Haruni Messenger-ship Female Indian -
Harusha Happy Female Bengali -
Harusha Happy Female Indian -
Harva army warrior Female Old-English Harvelle, Harvina, Harvine
Hasanati Good Female African -
Hasanmukhi Full of Laughter Female Indian -
Hasant good deeds Female Arabic -
Hasanth One That Delights Female Indian -
Hasanthi One that delights Female Assemese -
Hasanthi One That Delights Female Indian -
Hasanti One That Delights Female Indian -
Hasas Happy Female Indian -
Haseeba of noble descent Female Arabic -
Haseefa sagacious, judicious Female Arabic -
Haseena Pretty, beautiful. Female Arabic -
Hashica Smiling Female Indian -
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