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Popular Baby Names starting with J for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Januja Daughter Female Indian
Janum Sleeping. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Janvi Another Name of River Ganga Female Indian
Janya Born Female Assemese
Janya Life Female Hindi
Janya Born Female Indian
Japa Recitation Female Indian
Japera Now we offer thanks Female African
Japera Female Unknown
Japhet Enlarged, fair, persuading. Female Biblical
Japho Fairness, comeliness. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Jaquelin Feminine of Jacques derived from James and Jacob. Female French
Jardena to flow downward Female Hebrew
Jareea Courageous Female Arabic
Jarina Farmer. Female Greek
Jarine Farmer. Female Greek
Jarita Old Female Indian
Jarmuth Fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Jarn N/A Female Indian
Jarul Flower Queen Female Hindi
Jarul Female Offspring Female Indian
Jarvah Breathing, or making, a sweet smell. Female Biblical
Jarvia spear-keen Female Old-German
Jarvinia keen intelligence Female German
Jasbir A Brave One who Sings God's Praises Female Indian
Jaseena Nice Heart. Female Arabic
Jaseena Nice Heart Female Muslim
Jasgun Famous; Quality Female Indian
Jashangeet Celebration Song Female Indian
Jasher Righteous, upright. Female Biblical
Jashmina Flower Female Indian
Jashvi One who Gets Credit Female Indian
Jashwi To Be Proud of Self Female Indian
Jasima Beautiful Female Bengali
Jasima Beautiful Female Indian
Jasira Brave, bold Female Arabic
Jaskeerat One who Sings Praises of the Lord Female Indian
Jaskirat One who Sings Praises of the Lord Female Indian
Jasleen In the Name of God Female Indian
Jaslynn Modern variant of Jasmine; combination of Jocelyn and the musical term 'jazz. '. Female English
Jasmeen A flower name from the older form Jessamine. Female French
Jasmeet Famed Female Indian
Jasmin Flower. Female Arabic
Jasmin A Flower Female Assemese
Jasmin A flower name from the older form Jessamine. Female French
Jasmin A Flower Female Hindi
Jasmin A Flower Female Indian
Jasmin Flower Female Muslim
Jasmin, Jasmine the jasmine flower Female Filipino
Jasmina Flower. Female Arabic
Jasmina Flower Female Muslim
Jasminder Lord's Glory Female Indian
Jasmine Fragrant Flower Female Indian
Jasmine jasmine flower, gift from God Female Persian
Jasmira N/A Female Indian
Jasmit Famed Female Assemese
Jasmit Famed Female Hindi
Jasmit Famed Female Indian
Jasmitha Smiles Female Bengali
Jasmitha Smiles Female Indian
Jasmyne A flower name from the older form Jessamine. Female French
Jasnam One Singing the Glories of Naam Female Indian
Jasneen N/A Female Indian
Jasnoor The Light of God Female Indian
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