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Popular Baby Names starting with J for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Jasoda Mother of Lord Krishna Female Indian -
Jasodhara Mother of Lord Buddha Female Assemese -
Jasodhara Mother of Lord Buddha Female Indian -
Jaspinder N/A Female Indian -
Jaspreet One who Loves to Sing Praises of the Lord Female Indian -
Jasrah She was a narrator of Hadith Female Arabic -
Jasrah She was a narrator of Hadith Female Muslim -
Jasrani Queen of Fame Female Indian -
Jassi Special Angel Female Indian -
Jassmine Flower Female Indian -
Jasu Brainy Female Indian -
Jasum Hibiscus Female Assemese -
Jasum Hibiscus Female Bengali -
Jasum Hibiscus Female Hindi -
Jasum Hibiscus Female Indian -
Jasvandi Hibiscus Flower Female Indian -
Jasveer A Brave One who Sings God's Praises Female Indian -
Jasvir A Brave One who Sings God's Praises Female Indian -
Jaswant Worthy of Praise Female Indian -
Jaswanti Famous Female Indian -
Jasweer Victorious Female Hindi -
Jasweer Victorious Female Indian -
Jaswinder Thunderbolt of Indra Female Indian -
Jaswitha Smile; Sid Female Indian -
Jatalika With Twisted Hair Female Indian -
Jatinder One who has Conquered the Five Evils Female Indian -
Jattir A remnant, excellent. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Jauhar Jewel Female Indian -
Jaunie Female Unknown -
Javairea Mysterious Female Arabic -
Javairea Mysterious Female Muslim -
Javaneh Sprout; Young Female Indian -
Javeria Name of Prophet Muhammad's Wife Female Indian -
Jawa Passion, love Female Arabic -
Jawa Passion, love Female Muslim -
Jawahir Precious stones, jewels Female Arabic -
Jawahir Jewels Female Muslim -
Jawala Flame; Fire Female Indian -
Jawana Sprout, bud. Female Afghan -
Jawhara Jewel, gemstone Female Arabic -
Jawharah Jewel, gem Female Arabic -
Jawharah Jewel Female Muslim -
Jawl to move freely Female Arabic -
Jawl to move freely Female Muslim -
Jawna The sun Female Arabic -
Jawna The sun Female Muslim -
Jaxine Variant of Jacinta. Also a contemporary blend of Jack and Maxine. Female English -
Jay To rejoice (from the Latin Gaius). The name of a bird. Used as a diminutive for any name starting with J, and can also be used as a nickname for someone who talks a lot. Female English -
Jay Jay Bird; Victory Female Indian -
Jaya Victory Female Assemese -
Jaya Victory; Victorious; Goddess Durga Female Bengali -
Jaya Victory Female Filipino -
Jaya Victory Female Hindi -
Jaya name of a God, victory Female Hindu -
Jaya Victory; Durga Female Indian -
Jayabala Victorious Female Indian -
Jayabalaa Victory Female Indian -
Jayabanu N/A Female Indian -
Jayachitra N/A Female Indian -
Jayadevii N/A Female Indian -
Jayakala N/A Female Indian -
Jayalakshmee Goddess of Victory Female Indian -
Jayalakshmi Goddess of Victory Female Indian -
Jayalaksmi Goddess Lakshmi Representing Success Female Indian -
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