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Popular Baby Names starting with L for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Leica N/A Female Indian
Leigb Meadow. Female English
Leigh Feminine form of Lee: Meadow or wood. Shelter. Surname or given name. Female English
Leigh meadow Female Old-English
Leiko arrogant Female Japanese
Leila dark as the night Female Arabic
Leila Dark beauty Female Hebrew
Leila Dark as Night Female Indian
Leila Dark beauty Female Irish
Leila Night Female Muslim
Leilah Night Female Arabic
Leilah a form of Leila Female Hebrew
Leilah Night Female Muslim
Leilani heavenly flower Female Filipino
Leilani Heavenly flower. Female Hawaiian
Leirioessa Mother of Narcissus. Female Latin
Leiriope Mother of Narcissus. Female Latin
Leis Mother of Althepus. Female Latin
Leisa a form of Lisa Female Hebrew
Leisha Beautiful Angel Female Indian
Leitha Forgetful. Female Greek
Leitis Happy. Female Gaelic
Leivina Dragnet Female Indian
Lekah Walking, going. Female Biblical
Lekha Writing; Crescent Moon Female Bengali
Lekha Writing, Picture Female Hindi
Lekha Writing; Picture Female Indian
Lekhna Write Female Indian
Lekhya Mathematician Female Indian
Lekisha Life Female Indian
lekoth Seled Affliction, warning. Female Biblical
Lekshmi Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity Female Indian
Lekya Write Female Indian
Lela Loyal. Loyalty. Faithful. Female French
Lela a form of Leila Female Hebrew
Lela Black Beauty; Born at Night; Night; Loyal; Faithful; Dark Haired Beauty Female Indian
Lela From Laelius. Female Latin
Lelah From Laelius. Female Latin
Lelayamana Playful Female Indian
Lelia Well spoken. Female Greek
Lelia a form of Leila Female Hebrew
Lelia Feminine form of the Roman family name Laelius. From Laelius. Female Latin
Lema Eye Female Indian
Lemar Sun, sunrise. Female Afghan
Lemmie Devoted to the Lord Female Indian
Lemuela Devoted or dedicated to God Female Hebrew
Lena Name suffix. Female English
Lena Diminutive of Helena: The bright one. Female Greek
Lena dwelling or lodging Female Hebrew
Lena Light; Pledge; Bright One; Moonlight; Palm Tree; Sun-ray and Moonlight; Torch Female Indian
Lena Alluring. Female Latin
Lena alluring, temptress; light Female Latin, Greek
Lenci Light. Female Greek
Lene illustrious Female Norwegian
Lenet Mild. Female Latin
Leneta Mild. Female Latin
Leneysha Intelligent Female Indian
Lenis Mild. Female Latin
Lenita Mild. Female Latin
Lenora Shining light. Variant of Eleanor. Female English
Lenore Variant of Eleanor: A variant of Helen introduced into Britain in 12th century AD by King Henry II's wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Female French
Lenore Light. Female Greek
Leoarrie Lioness. Female Latin
Leoda Of the people. Female German


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