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Popular Baby Names starting with R for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Rasha Young Gazelle Female Indian -
Rasha Young gazelle Female Muslim -
Rashad Straight Female Muslim -
Rasheeda Wise, mature Female Arabic -
Rasheeda Wise; Mature Female Indian -
Rasheedah Intelligent one, Sober. Female Arabic -
Rasheedah Intelligent one, Sober Female Muslim -
Rashenthri N/A Female Indian -
Rashi A star constellation; a collection of wealth Female Bengali -
Rashi A Collection Of Wealth;Sign Female Hindi -
Rashi Collection Female Indian -
Rashia N/A Female Indian -
Rashida righteous Female African -
Rashida Righteous, pious Female Arabic -
Rashida Righteous. Female Egyptian -
Rashida Intelligent, Sober Female Muslim -
Rashidah Wise, mature Female Arabic -
Rashidah, Rasheeda Wise, mature Female Muslim -
Rashika A Ray of Light Female Indian -
Rashim Light Female Indian -
Rashima Radha Female Indian -
Rashmi A Ray Of Light Female Hindi -
Rashmi A Ray of Light Female Indian -
Rashmika Ray of Light Female Indian -
Rashna A Ray of Light Female Indian -
Rashree Good Female Indian -
Rasiga N/A Female Indian -
Rasika Connosseur Female Bengali -
Rasika Female Hindu -
Rasika Connoisseur Female Indian -
Rasikha Firm, stable Female Arabic -
Rasila Interesting Person; Very Sweet Female Indian -
Rasima Designer, planner Female Arabic -
Rasine a rose Female Polish Roisine
Rasmi Beam of Moon; Sunlight Female Indian -
Rasmika Small Beam of Moon / Sunlight Female Indian -
Rasmiyah Official, formal Female Arabic -
Rasmiyah Official, formal Female Muslim -
Rasna Ray Female Hindi -
Rasna Female Hindu -
Rasna The Tongue Female Indian -
Rasnika Full of Feelings Female Indian -
Raspriya A Gopi Female Indian -
Rasvali Full of Nectar; Delighting Female Indian -
Rasya Rose; Flower Name Female Indian -
Ratana crystal Female Filipino -
Ratana crystal Female Thai -
Ratanaporn crystal blessing Female Thai -
Ratanjali red sandal wood Female Assemese -
Ratanjali Red Sandal Wood Female Indian -
Ratchika Protector; Saviour Female Indian -
Rathi A Ray of Light Female Indian -
Rathika Satisfied Female Assemese -
Rathika Satisfied Female Bengali -
Rathika Satisfied Female Indian -
Rathinadevi Connoisseur Female Indian -
Rathinaprabha Ray Female Indian -
Rathna Pearl Female Indian -
Rathnabai N/A Female Indian -
Rathnait Little prosperous one Female Irish -
Rathtyen Legendary daughter of Clememyl. Female Welsh -
Rati Most Beautiful Lady, Wife Of Cupid Female Hindi -
Rati a Devi Female Hindu -
Rati Most Beautiful Lady; Wife of Cupid Female Indian -
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