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Popular Baby Names starting with R for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ranica Lovely tune Female Hebrew -
Ranice Lovely tune Female Hebrew -
Ranim, To recite in a sing song voice Female Arabic -
Ranim, Raneem To recite in a sing song voice Female Muslim -
Ranit Song Female Hebrew -
Ranita Lovely tune Female Hebrew -
Ranita Tinkling Female Indian -
Ranitha Tinkling; Cute and Pretty Female Indian -
Raniya Gazing Female Arabic -
Raniya Gazing Female Indian -
Raniyah Gazing Female Arabic -
Raniyah, Raniya Gazing Female Muslim -
Ranjan Enjoyment Female Bengali -
Ranjan Enjoyment Female Hindi -
Ranjan Enjoyment Female Indian -
Ranjana Satisfaction Female Assemese -
Ranjana entertaining Female Filipino -
Ranjana Entertainment Female Hindi -
Ranjana Female Hindu -
Ranjana Entertainment; Delightful Female Indian -
Ranjeetha Adorned Female Indian -
Ranjika Exciting Female Assemese -
Ranjika Exciting Female Indian -
Ranjina Pleasant and Charming Female Indian -
Ranjini Pleasing Female Assemese -
Ranjini Pleasing Female Indian -
Ranjita Female Hindu -
Ranjita Adorned Female Indian -
Ranjith N/A Female Indian -
Ranjitha Colorful and Charming Face; Smile Female Indian -
Ranjitham N/A Female Indian -
Ranju Sweet Female Indian -
Ranjudeep Pleasant Female Assemese -
Ranjudeep Pleasant Female Indian -
Ranjula Charming; Pleasing Female Indian -
Ranshu Cheerful; Delighting Female Indian -
Rantika N/A Female Indian -
Ranuska Enjoyment Female Indian -
Ranva Pleasant; Delightful; Agreeable Female Indian -
Ranvitha Joyous Female Indian -
Ranya Pleasant Female Assemese -
Ranya a form of Rani Female Hebrew -
Ranya Pleasant Female Hindi -
Ranya Pleasant Female Indian -
Ranya Conquerer Female Muslim -
Raonaid Ewe. Female Gaelic -
Raonaild Ewe. Female Gaelic -
Raphaela healed by God Female Hebrew -
Raphaella healed by God Female Hebrew Rafaella
Raphah Relaxation, physic, comfort. Female Biblical -
Raphu Relaxation, physic, comfort. Female Biblical -
Raqiyah Ascending, progressing Female Arabic -
Raquel ewe Female Filipino -
Raqueliza N/A Female Indian -
Rasa Audible, loud, expressive. Female Afghan -
Rasa Dew; Expressive; Nectar; Full of Essence Female Indian -
Rasajna Artistic; Knowledgeable About the Arts Female Indian -
Rasamanjari An Auspiou Sign Drawn in Front of Hindu Home Female Indian -
Rasan Sober, thoughtful, wise Female Arabic -
Rasana Beam of Light; Perception Female Indian -
Rasanjna River Ganga Female Indian -
Rasbihari Lord Krishna Female Indian -
Rasha Young gazelle Female Arabic -
Rasha young gazelle Female Filipino -
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