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Popular Baby Names starting with V for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Venita Goddess of love and beauty. Female Latin -
Vennela Moon Light Female Bengali -
Vennela Moon Light Female Indian -
Vennila Moon Female Indian -
Vennmathi Holy River Female Indian -
Vennmukil N/A Female Indian -
VenPirai Brilliant White Moon Female Assemese -
VenTamarai White Lotus Flower; see Tamarai Female Bengali -
Ventana window Female Filipino -
Ventura good fortune Female Filipino -
Venu Another Name for Lord Krishna Female Indian -
Venuka Flute Female Indian -
Venukiya N/A Female Indian -
Venus Venus, The second-closest planet to the Sun. Female Afghan -
Venus goddess of love Female Filipino -
Venus Goddess of love and beauty. Female Latin -
Venya Lovable Female Bengali -
Venya Lovable Female Hindi -
Venya Lovable Female Indian -
Vera faith Female Filipino -
Vera Faithful Female Indian -
Vera True. Female Latin -
Vera truth, faith Female Latin, Slavic Verena, Verin, Verina,Verine, Verenia, Vere, Verouska
Veradis True. Female Latin -
Veradisia True. Female Latin -
Verbane Sacred limb. Female Latin -
Verbena Sacred limb. Female Latin -
Verbenae Sacred limb. Female Latin -
Verbenia Sacred limb. Female Latin -
Verda Unspoiled. Female Latin -
Verda, Verdad truth Female Filipino -
Verdi green Female Filipino -
Verena Name given in honour of 3rd century Saint Verena. Female English -
Verena Protector. Female German -
Verena defender Female Teutonic -
Verene Protector. Female German -
Verina Protector. Female German -
Verity verity, truth Female English Verita
Verna Bom in the spring. Female Latin -
Verni Colorful Female Indian -
Vernica Colourful Female Indian -
Verona truth Female Filipino -
Verona From Verona (Italian City). Female Italian -
Verona Variant of Veronica: True image; honest image. Female Latin -
Veronica Honest image. Biblical - from the maiden who handed Christ her handkerchief on the way to Calvary. His likeness miraculously appeared on the handkerchief, thus she received her name. Female Greek -
Veronica Who Brings Victory Female Indian -
Veronica true image Female Latin Veronique, Ronnie, Ron, Nica, Nicky, Ronica
Veronica, Veronique bring victory Female Filipino -
Veronicha Honest image. Female Greek -
Veronika Honest image. Female Greek -
Veronika Honest. Female Latin -
Veronique Honest. Female French -
Verrin Female Old-French -
Vertchalous twilight Female Armenian -
Vertika Lamp Female Indian -
Veshadana Song of the Flute Female Indian -
Veshana Flute Female Indian -
Veshanta N/A Female Indian -
Veshpa Lovable Female Indian -
Veshtita N/A Female Indian -
Vesna Goddess of spring Female Slavic -
Vesper evening Female Latin Vespera
Vespera Eveningstar. Female Latin -
Vesperia Eveningstar. Female Latin -
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