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Popular Baby Names starting with V for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vespira Eveningstar. Female Latin -
Vesta guardian of the sacred fire Female Latin -
Veta Life. Female Latin -
Vetali Durga Female Assemese -
Vetali Durga Female Bengali -
Vetali Durga Female Indian -
Vetasini N/A Female Indian -
Vetravatee N/A Female Indian -
Vetravati A River in India Female Indian -
VetriChelvi Successful Girl; also VetriSelvi Female Bengali -
Vetrichelvi Name of Celesital Dancer Female Indian -
Vevay white wave Female Welsh -
Vevila woman with a melodious voice Female Gaelic -
Vevila Harmony Female Irish -
Vevina Sweet lady Female Irish -
Vevina sweet lady Female Latin -
Vi Diminutive of Viola: Violet. Viola was one of the heroine's in Shakespeare's play 'Twelfth Night'. Female English -
Vi raj Name of a Celestial Dancer Female Indian -
Vianca fair skinned, white Female Filipino -
Vibali Young Female Assemese -
Vibali Young Female Hindi -
Vibali Young Female Indian -
Vibeke Little woman. Female Danish -
Vibha Radiance; Light; Goddess Lakshmi Female Bengali -
Vibha Radiance Female Hindi -
Vibha Radiance; Night Female Indian -
Vibhasvati Brilliant Female Indian -
Vibhavana N/A Female Indian -
Vibhavari Starry Night Female Indian -
Vibhi Fearless Female Hindi -
Vibhi Fearless Female Indian -
Vibhooti Resplendent; Powerful Female Indian -
Vibhor Ecstatic Female Indian -
Vibhrasti Radiance; Flame; Blaze Female Indian -
Vibhusha Light; Splendour; Beauty Female Indian -
Vibhushana Decorated; Splendour Female Indian -
Vibhushita Adorned; Decorated Female Indian -
Vibhuti Goddess Lakshmi Female Bengali -
Vibhuti Female Hindu -
Vibhuti Great Personality Female Indian -
Vibusha Bright Female Assemese -
Vibusha Bright Female Hindi -
Vibusha Bright Female Indian -
Vicarana Inquiry Female Indian -
Vicarini Inquirer Female Indian -
Vicki Diminutive of Victoria: Victory; triumphant. Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria (1819-1901). Female Latin -
Vickie Diminutive of Victoria: Victory; triumphant. Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria (1819-1901). Female Latin -
Vicky Diminutive of Victoria: Victory; triumphant. Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria (1819-1901). Female Latin -
Vicky, Victoria winner, conqueror Female Filipino -
Victoria Victory Female Indian -
Victoria victory Female Latin Vicki, Vicky, Viktoria, Vitoria, Victoire, Victory, Vickie, Vic, Toria, Torey, Torri, Tori, Victorienne
Victorina Victory. Female French -
Victorine Victory. Female French -
Victorine Feminine form of Victor: Conqueror. Female Latin -
Victriv Triumphant. Female Latin -
Victriva Triumphant. Female Latin -
Vida Life. Female Afghan -
Vida life Female Filipino -
Vida Dearly loved Female Hebrew -
Vida Life; Knowledge Female Indian -
Vidhaarti Fearless Female Indian -
Vidhatri Creatress Female Indian -
Vidhi Goddess Of Destiny Female Hindi -
Vidhi Goddess of Destiny Female Indian -
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