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Popular Baby Names starting with Y for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Yashvi Fame Female Bengali
Yashvi Fame Female Indian
Yashvita Famous and Successful Female Indian
Yashvy Fame Female Indian
Yashwarya Fame and Prosperity Female Indian
Yashwini To Succeed Female Indian
Yashwitha Success Female Indian
Yasirah Lenient Female Arabic
Yasirah Lenient Female Indian
Yasirah Lenient Female Muslim
Yasmeen Jasmine Female Arabic
Yasmeen Jasmine Female Indian
Yasmeenah Sweet-smelling flower Female Arabic
Yasmeenah Sweet-smelling flower. Among er work is a commentry on Surah al-Baqarah, she is mentioned by Salahuddin al-Safdi in his book as one of the distinguish Female Muslim
Yasmin Jasmine flower Female Arabic
Yasmin Jasmine Female Filipino
Yasmin Jasmine Female Indian
Yasmin Jasmine flower Female Muslim
Yasmin, Yasmeen Jasmine Female Muslim
Yasmina A beautiful flower that shines Female Arabic
Yasmina Jasmine Flower Female Indian
Yasmina A beautiful flower that shines Female Muslim
Yasmine Jasmine Female Arabic
Yasmine Jasmine Female Indian
Yasmine Flower Female Muslim
Yasmine flowering olive Female Persian
Yasna It means white rose in arabic Female Arabic
Yasna It means white rose in arabic Female Muslim
Yasoda Conferring Fame Female Indian
Yasodhara Conferring Splendour and Fame Female Indian
Yasomati Successful Lady Female Indian
Yass. A flower, Jasmine. Female Afghan
Yassaman The flower Jasmin Female Arabic
Yasti Slim Female Assemese
Yasti Slim Female Hindi
Yasti Slim Female Indian
Yastika A String Pf Pearls Female Indian
Yasuko peaceful child Female Japanese
Yaswitha Success Female Indian
Yatee Godess Durga Female Bengali
Yatee Goddess Durga Female Indian
Yathartha Truth Female Indian
Yatheesha Saint Female Indian
Yathi One who Strives with Pertinacity of Purpose; One who Makes the People Obtain the Divine Wisdom by Reducing the Ignorance Female Indian
Yati Goddess Durga Female Indian
Yatika Name of Goddess Durga Female Indian
Yatra Journey Female Indian
Yatri Traveller Female Indian
Yatudhani Magician Female Indian
Yauvani Full Of Youth Female Hindi
Yauvani Mother of the Vedas, A Godess Female Hindu
Yauvani Goddess Gayatri Female Indian
Yauvna Youth Female Indian
Yavana Quick; Swift; Youth; Young; Handsome; Beautiful Female Indian
Yavani Quick; Swift Female Indian
Yavanika Curtain of Stage Female Indian
Yavantika Stage Female Indian
Yavna Quick; Swift Female Indian
Yavonna Female Hebrew
Yayaati Wanderer; Traveller Female Indian
Yayati Wanderer; Traveller Female Indian
Yayoi March Female Japanese
Yazhini Joy with Love Female Indian
Ydel praise Female Hebrew
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