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Popular Baby Names starting with Y for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ye First born of twins Female African
Yedda Beautiful voice. Female English
Yedda singing Female Old-English
Yedida dear friend Female Hebrew
Yedidah Friend Female Hebrew
Yeghnig hind; red deer Female Armenian
Yehudit Praise Female Hebrew
Yeira light Female Hebrew
Yejide She looks like her mother Female African
Yejide image of her mother Female Yoruba
Yelda Dark night. Female Arabic
Yelda Dark night Female Muslim
Yelena form of Helen Female Filipino
Yeliz Female Turkish
Yema Our Joy Female Indian
Yemaya Goddess of the Ocean; Mother of All Female Indian
Yemena Female Hebrew
Yen peace Female Vietnamese
Yenay she who loves Female Chinese
Yenene wizard poisoning a sleeping person Female Miwok Indian
Yera Reference to the Virgin Mary. Female Basque
Yesha Fame Female Assemese
Yesha Fame Female Indian
Yeshaswini Sucessfull Female Indian
Yeshmitha Brightness Female Indian
Yeshna Happiness Female Indian
Yeshu Fame Female Indian
Yesica a form of Jessica Female Hebrew
Yesmina right hand, strength Female Hebrew
Yessica God beholds Female Filipino
Yessica a form of Jessica Female Hebrew
Yeter ether Female Armenian
Yetta Generous. Female English
Yetta, Yettie short form of Henrietta Female Filipino
Yeva alive; living Female Armenian
Yeva live-giving Female Russian
Yevon Female Hebrew
Ygeme Mother of Arthur. Female Arthurian-Legend
Ygraine In Arthurian legend Igrayne is mother of Arthur. Female Arthurian-Legend
Yindee pleasure Female Thai
Yindi Sunlight Female Indian
Ying clever; eagle Female Chinese
Ying or feminine Female Thai
Yingtai flower terrace Female Chinese
Ylwa she-wolf Female Scandinavian
Ynes Chaste. Variant of Agnes. Female French
Ynez Chaste. Variant of Agnes. Female French
Yo positive Female Japanese
Yoana a form ofJoana Female Hebrew
Yoanna a form ofJoana Female Hebrew
Yochana Thought Female Bengali
Yochana Thought Female Hindi
Yochana Thought Female Indian
Yocheved Glory of God Female Hebrew
Yoga An Art of Achieving Happiness Female Indian
Yogamaya Magical Power of Yoga Female Indian
Yogammal N/A Female Indian
Yogandri Happiness Female Indian
Yoganidra Meditation Sleep Female Indian
Yoganshika Part of Goddess Female Indian
Yogasri N/A Female Indian
Yogasundari Thought Female Indian
Yogavalli The Magical Power of Yoga Female Indian
Yogeshwari Goddess Durga Female Indian
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