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Popular Baby Names starting with E for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ewen Young. Male Celtic
Ewen Variant of Eoghan or Eugene. Male English
Ewen Variant of Eugene: Well-born. Famous bearer: Prince Eugene of Savoy; American playwright Eugene O'Neill. Male Greek
Ewen Gift of God Male Irish
Ewen Variant of Ewan: Youth. Male Scottish
Ewert Shepherd. Male English
Ewind From the Island of the Wends (the Wends were an ancient Scandinavian tribe). Male Scandinavian
Ewing Law's friend. Lawyer. Male English
Ewing youth Male Old-English
Ewyn Young. Male Celtic
Excalibur King Arthur's sword. Male Arthurian-Legend
Exequiel God is my strength Male Hebrew
Exeter 'King Henry V' and 'Henry VI, Part 1' and 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Duke of Exeter, uncle to the King Henry V, and great-uncle to Henry VI. Male Shakespearean
Exodus Going out, departure [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Exton 'King Richard The Second' Sir Pierce of Exton. Male Shakespearean
Eyan Male Unknown
Eyanosa Sioux name meaning big both ways. Male Native-American
Eyfrod Farmed at Tongue. Male Norse
Eyjolf Killed by Kari. Male Norse
Eyolf Variant of Eyulf: Lucky wolf. Male Scandinavian
Eyota Great. Male Native-American
Eystein Lucky. Male Norse
Eyton Variant of Eaton: River town. Male English
Eyulf Lucky wolf. Male Scandinavian
Eyvind Son of Lodin. Male Norse
Ezatullah Attributed, honour, Glory to God. Male Afghan
Ezaz Rewarding Male Indian
Ezbon Hastening to understand. Male Biblical
Ezekiel The strength of God Male Biblical
Ezekiel strength of God Male Hebrew
Ezekiel, Ezequiel God will strengthen Male Filipino
Ezekiela Variant of Ekekiela: Powerful god. Male Hawaiian
Ezel Hoing abroad, walk [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Ezem A bone [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Ezequias Yahweh is my strength Male Hebrew
Ezequiel a form of Ezekiel Male Hebrew
Ezequiel God strengthens. Male Spanish
Ezer A help. Male Biblical
Ezer a form of Ezra Male Hebrew
Ezera Variant of Ekela: Help. Male Hawaiian
Ezhil High Determination Power Male Indian
Ezhno Solitary. Male Native-American
Ezhumalai Lord Venkateshwara Male Indian
Ezio friend, lover Male Hebrew
Ezion-geber The wood of the man Male Biblical
Ezmaray / Zemaray Afghan Male Pashto
Ezra 'Help, court' Male Biblical
Ezra helper, salvation Male Hebrew
Ezrah Helper Male Hebrew
Ezri My help. Male Biblical
Ezume pure water; pond Male Japanese
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