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Popular Baby Names starting with E for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Earl Nobleman. Based on the English title of Earl. Famous bearer: jazz pianist Earl 'Fatha' Hines;. Male English
Earl nobleman Male Filipino
Earl nobleman, warrior Male Unknown
Earle Wretched. Male Anglo
Earle Variant of Earl: Noble leader. Male English
Earlie Variant of Earl: Noble leader. Male English
Early Variant of Earl: Noble leader. Male English
Earm Name of a king. Male Anglo
Earnan Knowing Male Irish
Earnest Variant of Ernest: Earnest. Male English
Earnest earnest Male Filipino
Earnest Serious; determined. Male German
Earon From the River Town Male Indian
Earvin Friend. Variant of Irving. Male English
Earwin White river. Male Welsh
Earwine Friend of the sea. Male English
Earwine White river. Male Welsh
Earwyn Friend of the sea. Male English
Easaanasivam Lord Shiva Male Indian
Eash Lord Shiva Male Indian
Eashan Shiva Male Assemese
Eashan Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Eashana Lord Shiva Male Indian
Eashwar God Male Indian
Eashwera N/A Male Indian
Easter From the name of the Christian festival, which is based on Eostre, the name of a Germanic spring goddess. Sometimes also used as a variant of Esther. Male English
Easton From East town. Surname. Male English
Easwaran Son of Vyvaswata Manu Male Indian
Eaton From the riverside village. Male English
Eaton riverside village Male Old-English
Eatton Variant of Eaton: River town. Male English
Eatun From the riverside village. Male English
Eawart Shepherd. Male English
Eb a short form of Ebenezer Male Hebrew
Ebadaah Prayer to Allah Male Indian
Ebadullah Worshipers of God. Male Afghan
Ebal Ancient heaps. Male Biblical
Eban stone Male Hebrew
Ebbe Variant of Esbjorn: Divine bear. Male Scandinavian
Ebed A servant, laborer. Male Biblical
Ebed-melech The king's servant. Male Biblical
Eben Rock Male Hebrew
Eben-ezer The stone of help. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Ebena Variant of Epena: Stone. Male Hawaiian
Ebenezer Foundation stone Male Hebrew
Eber One that passes, anger. Male Biblical
Eberhard Strong as a boar. Male German
Eberhard strong wild boar Male Germanic
Eberhardt Strong as a boar. Male German
Ebhanan Ganpati Male Indian
Ebi Paternal Male Indian
Ebiasaph A father that gathers or adds Male Biblical
Ebo Ghanian name given to a child born on Tuesday. Male African
Ebo Born on Tuesday. Male Egyptian
Ebon a form of Eben Male Hebrew
Ebrahim Abraham. Male Afghan
Ebronah Passage over, being angry. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Eburhard Boar hard. Old German, from 'ebur hardu'. Male German
Eburhardt Strong as a boar. Male German
Eburscon Lives near the yew tree estate. Male Celtic
Ecchit Wanted; Desired Male Indian
Ecchvaku A King Male Indian
Ecclesiastes A preacher Male Biblical
Ecgbeorht Intelligent. Male English
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