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Popular Baby Names starting with G for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gaadhaya N/A Male Indian -
Gaadhi N/A Male Indian -
Gaagii Raven (Navajo). Male Native-American -
Gaal Contempt, abomination. Male Biblical -
Gaalava N/A Male Indian -
Gaarwine Friend with a spear. Male English -
Gaash Tempest, commotion [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gaayana N/A Male Indian -
Gabai delight, adornment Male Hebrew -
Gabbai The back. Male Biblical -
Gabbatha High, elevated [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gabby diminutive form of Gabrielle Male Filipino -
Gabby Hero of God Male Indian -
Gabe God is my strength Male Hebrew -
Gabhan Gaelic form of Gavin. Male Gaelic -
Gabino God is my strength. Male Spanish -
Gabir Comforter Male Arabic -
Gabir comforter Male Muslim -
Gabirel Basque form of Gabriel. Male Basque -
Gabor Hungarian form of Gabriel 'strength from God'. Male Hungarian -
Gabr Consolation Male Arabic -
Gabrial a form of Gabriel Male Hebrew -
Gabrian God is my strength Male Hebrew -
Gabriel God is my strength Male Biblical -
Gabriel God is my strength Male Filipino -
Gabriel God is my strength Male Hebrew Gabe, Gabino, Gabryel, Gabriello, Gavrila, Gabby, Gab, Gable
Gabriel God is my strength. Male Spanish -
Gabriel Strength from God. Male Swedish -
Gabriele Italian form of Gabriel 'God given strength'. Male Italian -
Gabrio God is my strength. Male Spanish -
Gabroo It Means a Young Man Male Indian -
Gabryel a form of Gabriel Male Hebrew -
Gace Pledge. Male French -
Gad A band, a troop. Male Biblical -
Gad Juniper tree (Navajo). Male Native-American -
Gada Mace Male Indian -
Gadaa Weapon of Lord Hanuman Male Indian -
Gadaadhar Hanuman Male Indian -
Gadabhrt One who Wields a Mace Male Indian -
Gadadhar One of Lord Chaitanya's Associates Male Indian -
Gadadhara Wielder of the Mace Male Indian -
Gadambar N/A Male Indian -
Gadarenes Men of Gadara; i.e. a place surrounded or walled Male Biblical -
Gaddi My troop, a kid. Male Biblical -
Gaddiel Goat of God; the Lord my happiness Male Biblical -
Gaderian Sings. Male Anglo -
Gadge N/A Male Indian -
Gadhadhar Name of Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Gadhar Lord Narayan Male Assemese -
Gadhar Lord Narayan Male Bengali -
Gadhar Lord Narayan Male Indian -
Gadhi One who Seeks Knowledge Male Indian -
Gadhija Another Name for Sage Visvamitra Male Indian -
Gadhra Mastiff Male lrish -
Gadil God is my wealth Male Arabic -
Gadin Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Gael Stranger Male lrish -
Gaelan Tranquil. Male Gaelic -
Gaelan Tranquil. For 1500 years accepted medical practices were based on the research of 2nd century physician Galen. Male Greek -
Gaelbhan Sparrow or white. Male Gaelic -
Gaenor A variant of the Gaelic Gaynor, meaning 'son of the blond man'. Male Welsh -
Gaetan Fom Gaete. Male French -
Gaetane N/A Male Indian -
Gaetano From Gaete. Male Italian -
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