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Popular Baby Names starting with G for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Galib Name of a Great Poet Male Indian -
Galilee Wheel, revolution [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Galileo he who comes from Galilee Male Hebrew -
Galinthias Servant of Alcmene. Male Greek -
Galip winner Male Turkish -
Gall Stranger. Male Celtic -
Gall Stranger. Male Gaelic -
Gallagher eager aide Male Celtic Gallagar, Gahan
Gallagher descendant of the lover of foreigners Male Filipino -
Gallagher Eager helper. Male Gaelic -
Gallagher Eager helper Male Irish -
Gallgaidheal Of the strange Gauls. Male Gaelic -
Gallim Who heap up, who cover [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gallio Who sucks, or lives on milk. Male Biblical -
Galloway Of the strange Gauls. Male Gaelic -
Galloway Scotsman in Ireland Male Irish -
Galloway from Gaul Male Latin Galway
Gallus 'Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Caesar. Male Shakespearean -
Galm Father of Thorvald. Male Norse -
Galt From the high ground. Male English -
Galtem Italian form of Walter 'strong warrior'. Male Italian -
Galterio Italian form of Walter 'strong warrior'. Male Italian -
Galtero Spanish form of Walter 'strong warrior'. Male Spanish -
Galtero Powerful ruler. Male Teutonic -
Galton From the town on the high ground. Male English -
Galvarium A knight. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Galvin Sparrow. Male Celtic -
Galvin White. Male Gaelic -
Galvin sparrow Male Irish -
Galvyn Sparrow. Male Celtic -
Galway Of the strange Gauls. Male Gaelic -
Galyn Tranquil. Male Gaelic -
Galyn Tranquil. For 1500 years accepted medical practices were based on the research of 2nd century physician Galen. Male Greek -
Gamal camel Male Arabic Jamal, Jammal, Gamali
Gamal Camel; Handsome Male Indian -
Gamal beauty Male Muslim -
Gamal / Gamali Camel Male Muslim -
Gamali Camel Male Arabic -
Gamaliel Recompense of God, camel of God. Male Biblical -
Gamaliel God is my reward Male Hebrew -
Gamaliel Recompense of God; Camel of God Male Indian -
Gaman Male Hindu -
Gaman Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gamatee N/A Male Indian -
Gamba warrior Male African -
Gambheer deep, serious Male Bengali -
Gambheer Deep; Serious Male Indian -
Gambheera Deep; Serious Male Indian -
Gambhir Deep; Serious Male Indian -
Gambhira Considerate; Thoughtful Male Indian -
Gamble old Male Norse -
Gamer Defender. Male Teutonic -
Gamil Beautiful Male Arabic -
Gamil beautiful Male Muslim -
Gamliel God is my reward Male Hebrew -
Gammadims Dwarfs. Male Biblical -
Gamul A recompense. Male Biblical -
Gan dare; adventure Male Chinese -
Gana Garden; Troop Male Indian -
Ganadhakshya Lord of All Ganas (Gods) Male Bengali -
Ganadhakshya Lord of All Gods / Ganas Male Indian -
Ganadhyakshina Leader of All the Celestial Bodies Male Indian -
Ganak An Astrologer Male Indian -
Ganaka One Who Calculates Male Bengali -
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