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Popular Baby Names starting with H for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hardouin Name of a count. Male French -
Hardtman Strong. Male German -
Hardwin Brave friend. Male English -
Hardwyn Brave friend. Male English -
Hardy Daring. Male German -
Hardy strong Male Teutonic -
Hardyal One on Whom There is God's Grace Male Indian -
Hardyn From the hare's valley. Male English -
Hare Rabbit. Male English -
Hareendra Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Hareendra Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Hareesh Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Harekrishna Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Harel Mountain of God Male Hebrew -
Harelache Lives at the hare's lake. Male English -
Hareleah From the hare's meadow. Male English -
Haren Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Harendra Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Harenu A Creeper which Serves as a Village Boundary Male Indian -
Hareph Winter, reproach. Male Biblical -
Hares Guardian. Male Afghan -
Haresh Male Hindu -
Haresh Lord Krishna; Other Interpretaion Shiva Male Indian -
Harfleur 'King Henry V' Governor of Harfleur. Male Shakespearean -
Harford From the hare's ford. Male English -
Hargobinda Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Hargrove From the hare's grove. Male English -
Hargun One Having Godly Merits Male Indian -
Harhaiah Heat, or anger, of the Lord. Male Biblical -
Harhas Anger, heat of confidence. Male Biblical -
Harhur Made warm. Male Biblical -
Hari God Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord Krishna; The one belonging to God; He who removes evil Male Bengali -
Hari Sun; Vishnu Male Indian -
Hari Lion. In Mythology Hari is one of the names of Vishnu. Male Sanskrit -
Haria N/A Male Indian -
Hariaksa Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Hariaksa Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Hariaksha Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Harial Green Coloured; The Common Green Pigeon Male Indian -
Harianka In the Lap of Visnu Male Indian -
Hariasva Horse of Visnu Male Indian -
Haribhabhru Vishnu the Great Male Indian -
Haribhakta Dedicated to Vishnu Male Indian -
Haricapa Indra's Bow; The Rainbow Male Indian -
Haricarana At the Feet of Visnu Male Indian -
Harichandana The Sandal of Hari; Yellow Moonlight Male Indian -
Harichap The Rainbow Male Indian -
Haricharan Feet of the Lord Male Indian -
Haricharana At the Feet of the Lord Male Indian -
Harid N/A Male Indian -
Haridaas Servant of Hari Male Indian -
Haridas Servant of Krishna Male Indian -
Haridasa Servant of Vishnu Male Indian -
Haridasva The Ten Incarnations of Visnu; Another Name for Sun Male Indian -
Harideb N/A Male Indian -
Haridev N/A Male Indian -
Harideva Name of God Vishnu and Shiva Male Indian -
Haridoss N/A Male Indian -
Haridra Yellow; Turneric Male Indian -
Haridru Free of the Gods Male Indian -
Haridutt gift of Hari Male Bengali -
Haridutt Gift of Hari Male Indian -
Haridwar Gateway to God Male Indian -
Harif / Hareef Rival, opponent, match. Male Afghan -
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