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Popular Baby Names starting with H for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Haddad Smith; Blacksmith Male Indian -
Haddad Smith Male Muslim -
Hadden child of the heather-filled valley Male English Haden
Hadden Child of Heather Filled Valley Male Indian -
Haddon From the heath. Male English -
Hadee Director guide Male Arabic -
Hadee Director, guide Male Muslim -
Haden From the heath. Male English -
Hadeon Destroyer. Male Ukrainian -
Hadi Guide. Male Afghan -
Hadi guiding to the light Male Arabic -
Hadi Guide; Leader Male Indian -
Hadi Guiding to the right (truth) Male Muslim -
Hadid Strong Male Arabic -
Hadid Rejoicing, sharp. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hadis Narration of Prophet Muhammad Male Arabic -
Hadlai Loitering, hindering. Male Biblical -
Hadley From the heath covered meadow. Male English -
Hadley heath-covered meadow Male Old-English -
Hadley heath near the wasteland Male Unknown -
Hadon From the heath. Male English -
Hadoram Their beauty, their power. Male Biblical -
Hadrach Point, joy of tenderness. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hadrian A variant of Adrian. Also, son of Adrian. Male English -
Hadrian dark one Male Swedish -
Hadwin War friend. Male English -
Hadwin Friend in war. Male Teutonic -
Hadwyn War friend. Male English -
Hadwyn Friend in war. Male Teutonic -
Haefen Safety. Male English -
Haele Lives in the hall. Male English -
Haemon Son of Creon. Male Greek -
Haestingas Violent. Male English -
Haethowine War friend. Male English -
Hafeez Protector Male Arabic -
Hafeez Protector Male Indian -
Hafez Keeper, Retaining, Retentive. Male Afghan -
Hafez Protector Male Indian -
Hafgrim A settler of Greenland. Male Norse -
Hafi Generous Male Arabic -
Hafid The wise one Male Arabic -
Hafid Offspring; Descendant Male Indian -
Hafid The wise one Male Muslim -
Hafiz Protector guardian Male Arabic -
Hafiz Protected Male Indian -
Hafiz Protector, one who has memorized the Quran Male Muslim -
Hafiz / Hafeez Guard. Male Afghan -
Hafleikr Sea war. Male Norse -
Hafnar Father of Thorgeir Cheek Wound. Male Norse -
Hafs Lion, Young of Lion Male Arabic -
Hafs Lion, Young of Lion Male Muslim -
Hagab A grasshopper. Male Biblical -
Hagabah A grasshopper. Male Biblical -
Hagaleah From the hedged meadow. Male English -
Hagalean From the hedged enclosure. Male English -
Hagan Young. Male Gaelic -
Hagan Youthful Male Irish -
Hagan strong defense Male Teutonic -
Hagar 'A stranger, one that fears' Male Biblical -
Hagar forsaken or "stranger." The name of Sa.. Male Hebrew -
Hagaward Keeper of the hedged enclosure. Male English -
Hagen Killed Siegfried. Male Norse -
Hagen Strong defender. Male Teutonic -
Haggai Feast, solemnity. Male Biblical -
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