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Popular Baby Names starting with R for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ralph Wolf counsel; red wolf. Male English -
Ralph wolf counsel Male Filipino -
Ralph wolf, wise counsel Male Old-English Ralf, Raff, Raffi, Rolf, Rolph, Raoul, Raul, Ralston
Ralph Wolf counsel. Male Scandinavian -
Ralph 'King Henry IV, Part 2' Ralph Mouldy, a country soldier. Male Shakespearean -
Ralph Strong. Male Teutonic -
Ralston Ralph's town. Surname. Male English -
Ram Lord Rama, God, Supreme Spirit Male Bengali -
Ram Ram. Male English -
Ram godlike Male Filipino -
Ram Lord Rama Male Hindu -
Ram Lord Rama; Pleasing; Charming; One who Pleases Male Indian -
Ram Pleasing. Rama was mythological seventh incarnation of Vishnu and his story is told in the Hindi Ramayana. Male Sanskrit -
Ram Raven. Male Teutonic -
Ram-Datt Gift Of Rama Male Bengali -
Rama Pleasing; Rejoicing; Lofty Male Indian -
Rama Pleasing. Rama was mythological seventh incarnation of Vishnu and his story is told in the Hindi Ramayana. Male Sanskrit -
Rama king Male Thai -
Ramabhakta Devoted to Rama Male Indian -
Ramacandra Rama the Excellent Male Indian -
Ramachander Rama-moon Male Indian -
Ramachandra Rama of the Moon Male Indian -
Ramachandran Lord Rama; Pleasing; Charming Male Indian -
Ramadan 9th Month of the Islamic Calendar Male Arabic -
Ramadan Ninth Islamic month - month of fasting Male Muslim -
Ramadasa Servant of Lord Rama Male Indian -
Ramadeep Lord Rama Male Indian -
Ramadeva Divine Rama Male Indian -
Ramadhip Lord Rama; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Ramadhuta Ambassador of Rama Male Indian -
Ramadoot Lord Hanuman Male Indian -
Ramadut Lord Hanuman Male Indian -
Ramagopalan Lord Rama Male Indian -
Ramaiah Lord Ram Male Indian -
Ramak Delighting; Gratifying; Sporting Male Indian -
Ramakaant Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Ramakant Beloved of Rama Male Indian -
Ramakanta Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Ramakota N/A Male Indian -
Ramakrishna Rama & Krishna Male Bengali -
Ramakrishna Pleasing Krishna Male Indian -
Ramakrisna Pleasing Krishna Male Indian -
Ramal Rejoicing; Enchanting Male Indian -
Ramamohana Attracting Rama Male Indian -
Ramamurti Sign of Rama Male Indian -
Ramamuthe N/A Male Indian -
Raman Male Hindu -
Raman Beloved; Pleasing; Cupid Male Indian -
Ramana Lovable; Charming Male Indian -
Ramanan Delighting Male Indian -
Ramanand Lord of Happiness Male Indian -
Ramananda Delight of Rama Male Indian -
Ramanarayanan Beloved; Pleasing Male Indian -
Ramanath N/A Male Indian -
Ramanathan God Raman Male Bengali -
Ramandeep Absorbed in the Light of Lord's Love Male Indian -
Ramani N/A Male Indian -
Ramanik Lovable; Charming Male Indian -
Ramanika Lovable; Charming Male Indian -
Ramanjit Victory of Beloved Male Indian -
Ramanuj Lord Krishna; Lord Laxman Male Indian -
Ramanuja a saint Male Hindu -
Ramanuja Lord Krishna; Born After Rama; Lakshman Male Indian -
Ramapathi N/A Male Indian -
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