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Popular Baby Names starting with T for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tucker tucker of cloth Male Filipino -
Tucker tailor Male Middle-English Tuckman, Tuck
Tuckere Tucker of doth. Male English -
Tuder Gracious gift. Male Greek -
Tudfwlch Male Welsh -
Tudi Male Old-French -
Tudor Gracious gift. Male Greek -
Tudor God's gift. Male Welsh -
Tudur Male Welsh -
Tufan Storm Male Bengali -
Tufan Storm Male Indian -
Tufayl Baby. Male Arabic -
Tufayl Baby Male Muslim -
Tugdual Male Old-French Tual, Tugal, Pabu
Tuhar Remover of the Darkness Male Indian -
Tuhin Snow Male Arabic -
Tuhin Snow Male Indian -
Tuhina Dew Drop Male Bengali -
Tuhina Snowstorm Male Indian -
Tuhinsurra Snow white Male Arabic -
Tuhinsurra White As Snow Male Bengali -
Tuhinsurra White as Snow Male Indian -
Tujan Male Old-French Tugen, Tujen
Tujaram Good Boy Male Indian -
Tuka Young Boy Male Indian -
Tukaram A Poet Saint Male Indian -
Tuketu Bear making dust (Miwok). Male Native-American -
Tula Balance Scale, Zodiac Sign Libra Male Bengali -
Tula Balance Scale; Zodiac Sign Libra Male Indian -
Tuladhar Scale Holder Male Indian -
Tulaja Indian Goddess of Mercy; Slayer of Evil Male Indian -
Tulasi N/A Male Indian -
Tulasidas Servant of Tulasi Basil Plant Male Indian -
Tulayb Concerning a seeker, or one eho covets Male Arabic -
Tulayb Concerning a) seeker, or one eho covets Male Muslim -
Tulini N/A Male Indian -
Tulio Lively. Male Spanish -
Tuliphala Young Boy Male Indian -
Tulley Peaceful. Male Gaelic -
Tullus 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Tullus Aufidius, General of the Volscians. Male Shakespearean -
Tully Peaceful. Male Gaelic -
Tully Peaceful Male Irish -
Tulsi The Incomparable One Male Indian -
Tulsidaas Servant of Tulsi Male Indian -
Tulsidas A Famous Saint Male Indian -
Tulsikumar Son of Tulsi Male Indian -
Tulu To Born. Male Bengali -
Tulwar N/A Male Indian -
Tulya Of the Same Kind Male Indian -
Tum Great god of Annu. Male Egyptian -
Tumaini Hope Male African -
Tumaini Hope. Male Egyptian -
Tumbura Servant of Tulasi or Basil Plant Male Indian -
Tumkur N/A Male Indian -
Tummala N/A Male Indian -
Tunav A Flute Male Indian -
Tunava A Flute Male Indian -
Tuncer Male Turkish -
Tunda Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Tunda Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tung all; universal Male Chinese -
Tung dignified; seriousness Male Vietnamese -
Tunga Prominent; Erect; Chief; Strong Male Indian -
Tunganath Lord Of The Mountains Male Assemese -
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