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Popular Baby Names starting with T for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tunganath Lord of the Mountains Male Indian -
Tungar High; Lofty Male Indian -
Tungara N/A Male Indian -
Tungashail With High Words; A Mountain with a Temple of Shiva Male Indian -
Tungavena Loving Heights; A River Male Indian -
Tungesh Moon Male Bengali -
Tungesh Moon Male Indian -
Tungesha N/A Male Indian -
Tungeshwar Lord of the Mountains Male Indian -
Tungish Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Tungisha N/A Male Indian -
Tungishwar Lord of the Night; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tungyr Male Welsh -
Tunleah From the town meadow. Male English -
Tunna Very Clever Person Male Indian -
Tunveer Rays of light Male Arabic -
Tuomas Finnish form of Thomas. Male Finnish -
Tupi To pull up (Miwok). Male Native-American -
Tupil Moon Male Indian -
Tupper Ram herder. Male English -
Tuppere Ram herder. Male English -
Turag A Thought Male Bengali -
Turag A Thought Male Indian -
Turang A Thought Male Indian -
Turannos Lord. Male Greek -
Turanya To Be Swift Male Indian -
Turanyu Swift Male Indian -
Ture Male Scandinavian -
Turfeinar Son of Rognvald. Male Norse -
Turhan Of mercy Male Arabic -
Turhan Of mercy Male Muslim -
Turi Bear. Male Celtic -
Turi Bear. Male Spanish -
Turia N/A Male Indian -
Turiau Male Old-French Turio
Turner Lathe worker. Male English -
Turner Champion in a tournament. Male French -
Turner carpenter Male Middle-English -
Turni Clever; Quick Male Indian -
Turpin Thunder Finn. Male Norse -
Turpin thunder-Finn Male Old-Norse -
Turvash Overpowering; Victorious Male Indian -
Turvasu A Son Of Yayaati Male Assemese -
Turvasu A Son of Yayaati Male Indian -
Turvayan Overpowering Male Indian -
Turvi Superior Male Indian -
Turviti Superior; Overpowering Male Indian -
Turya N/A Male Indian -
Tusar Water Drops Male Indian -
Tushaar frost Male Bengali -
Tushaar Frost Male Indian -
Tushar snow Male Bengali -
Tushar Male Hindu -
Tushar Snow; Fine Drops of Water Male Indian -
Tushara N/A Male Indian -
Tusharakar Cold Rayed; The Moon Male Indian -
Tusharkanti Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Tusharkanti Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tusharsuvra White As Snow Male Bengali -
Tusharsuvra White as Snow Male Indian -
Tushir New Small Leaf Male Indian -
Tushit Cool Male Indian -
Tushnika N/A Male Indian -
Tushnim N/A Male Indian -
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