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Popular Baby Names starting with T for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tarank Savious Male Indian -
Tarankit Star Spangled Male Indian -
Tarannum Singing Male Arabic -
Tarannum Singing Male Muslim -
Tarantha Raft; Heaven Male Indian -
Tarantuk Boat Male Indian -
Tarapada N/A Male Indian -
Taraprashad Star Male Indian -
Tarasankar Wave Male Indian -
Tarasios of Tarentum Male Greek Taras
Tarasvin Quick; Energetic Male Indian -
Taraswat Quick; Violent; Energetic Male Indian -
Taraswin Brave; Shakti Ka Rup Male Indian -
Taravali Zodiac Male Indian -
Taravati N/A Male Indian -
Tarcal Male Hungarian -
Tardos bald Male Hungarian -
Tareef Rare; Uncommon Male Arabic -
Tareef Rare; Uncommon Male Indian -
Tareesh N/A Male Indian -
Tarek anglicizedform of Tariq. Male Arabic -
Taren Childlike Male Indian -
Taren Thunder. Male Welsh -
Tarendra Prince of Stars Male Indian -
Tareq / Tariq Nocturnal visitor. Male Afghan -
Taresh God of the Stars; Moon Male Indian -
Tarfah Kind of tree Male Arabic -
Tarfah Kind of Tree Male Indian -
Tarif Unique; Admiration Male Indian -
Tarif, Tareef Rare, uncommon Male Arabic -
Tarif, Tareef Rare, uncommon Male Muslim -
Tarik Name of a warrior. Male Egyptian -
Tarik One who Crosses the River of Life Male Indian -
Tariq star, path Male Arabic Tarik, Taric, Tareeq, Tareek, Tareec
Tariq morning star Male Filipino -
Tariq Morning Star Male Indian -
Tariq Name of a star Male Muslim -
Tarique Morningstar Male Arabic -
Tarique Morning Star; Variant of Tariq Male Indian -
Tarish Raft; Boat; A Competent Person; The Ocean Male Indian -
Tarit Lightning Male Indian -
Tarján name of an honor Male Hungarian -
Tarkan Male Turkish -
Tarkesh Prince of Stars Male Indian -
Tarkshya N/A Male Indian -
Tarleton From the thunder estate. Male English -
Tarnkappe A mythical cloak that renders its wearer invisible. Male Norse -
Taro first-born male Male Japanese -
Tarok Shooting Star; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Taron Terran means 'Earthman.' Variants are contemporary rhyming blends of Ter- plus Darin. Male English -
Taroob Merry Male Indian -
Taroosh Heaven; Small Boat Male Indian -
Tarosh Heaven, Small Boat Male Assemese -
Tarosh Heaven; Small Boat Male Indian -
Tarpan Refreshing Male Indian -
Tarran Thunder. Male Welsh -
Tarrant Thunder. Male Welsh -
Tarrence Roman clan name. Male English -
Tarrin Terran means 'Earthman.' Variants are contemporary rhyming blends of Ter- plus Darin. Male English -
Tarsa With a Fine Shape; Raft; Ocean Male Indian -
Tarsem Got After a Long Desire Male Indian -
Taru Small Plant Male Indian -
Tarun new Male Bengali -
Tarun Male Hindu -
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