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Popular Baby Names starting with T for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
TamilDasan One who loves Tamil Male Bengali -
Tamiliniyan Pleasant Male Bengali -
TamilKudimagan A Tamil Male Bengali -
TamilNadan A Tamil Male Bengali -
Tamim Generalization Male Afghan -
Tamim Strong, complete Male Arabic -
Tamim Strong, complete Male Muslim -
Tamir pure, tall stately Male Arabic -
Tamir rich Male Filipino -
Tamir Owns Palm Trees; Tall and Slender; Tall Male Indian -
Tamir Rich; one who owns date palm trees Male Muslim -
Tamish God of Darkness; Moon Male Indian -
Tamishwar The Moon Male Indian -
Tamkeen Dignity Gravity Male Arabic -
Tamkeen Dignity; Gravity Male Indian -
Tamkeen Dignity, Gravity Male Muslim -
Tamkinat Pomp Male Indian -
Tammam Generous Male Arabic -
Tammam Generous Male Indian -
Tammam Perfection, strength Male Muslim -
Tamman Complete; Perfect Male Indian -
Tammy Diminutive of Thomas: Twin. Male Aramaic -
Tamnais Twin. Male Scottish -
Tamoghna Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tamohar Who Dispels Darkness; The Sun Male Indian -
Tamohara One who Removes Darkness Male Indian -
Tamonash Destroyer of Ignorance Male Indian -
Tamonud Dispersing Darkness; Fire; Lamp; The Moon Male Indian -
Tamori The Sun Male Indian -
Tamra Copper Red Male Bengali -
Tamra Copper Red Male Indian -
Tamras Day Lotus; Copper; Gold Male Indian -
Tamrika N/A Male Indian -
Tamryn Palm tree. Variant of Tamar. Biblical Tamara was daughter of King David and sister to Absalom. Male Russian -
Tamtun From the quiet river farm. Male English -
Tan new Male Vietnamese -
Tana Issue Male Indian -
Tanak Prize Male Indian -
Tanaka Reward Male Indian -
Tanav Flute Male Indian -
Tanava N/A Male Indian -
Tanavir Strong; Robust Male Indian -
Tanavya N/A Male Indian -
Tanavyayani Issue Male Indian -
Tanay son Male Bengali -
Tanay Son Male Indian -
Tanaya Son Male Indian -
Tancred Thoughtful counsel. Male German -
Tancredo of thoughtful counsel Male Italian Tancrede
Tanda Peace Male Indian -
Tandava Violent Dance of Shiva Male Indian -
Tandeep Inner Soul; Light Male Indian -
Tandi Beloved Male Indian -
Tandu Jump Male Indian -
Tandya N/A Male Indian -
Taneesh Ambition Male Indian -
Tanek immortal Male Polish -
Taneli Finnish form of Daniel. Male Finnish -
Taner Male Turkish -
Tanesh N/A Male Indian -
Taneshwar Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tangakwunu Rainbow (Hopi). Male Native-American -
Tanguy Fighter. Male Celtic -
Tani valley Male Japanese -
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