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Popular Baby Names starting with U for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Uttarak Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Utteran A successful man who has achieved his aim. Male Assemese -
Utteran A Successful Man who has Achieved his Aim Male Indian -
Utthaan N/A Male Indian -
Utthama Best Male Indian -
Utthaman N/A Male Indian -
Uttiya a name in Buddhist literature Male Bengali -
Uttiya A Name in Buddhist Literature Male Indian -
Uttung Highest Male Indian -
Uwain Male Welsh -
Uwayam A float buoyant Male Arabic -
Uwayam A float, buoyant Male Muslim -
Uwe Universal ruler. Male Teutonic -
Uxio Male Galician -
Uzair Name of a Prophet Male Arabic -
Uzair The Biblical Ezra Male Indian -
Uzair Name of a Prophet Male Muslim -
Uzayr Precious Male Arabic -
Uzayr Precious Male Muslim -
Uzi power, strength Male Filipino -
Uzi my strength Male Hebrew -
Uziel God is my strenght; mighty force Male Hebrew -
Uzor name of an ethnic group Male Hungarian Ozor
Uzumati Bear (Miwok). Male Native-American -
Uzzam N/A Male Indian -
Uzziah God is mighty Male Hebrew -
Uzziel God is mighty Male Hebrew -
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