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Popular Baby Names starting with U for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ulhas Joy; Delight; Happiness Male Indian
Ulhasa Joy Male Indian
Uli Noble leader. Male German
Ulik Resolute defender. Male Teutonic
Ulind N/A Male Indian
Ulises Variant of the Greek name Odysseus. Ulysses was the clever and resourceful mythological hero of Homer's epic The Odyssey. Male Spanish
Ulkesh Moon Male Indian
Ull God of skiers. Male Norse
Ulla To Shine Male Indian
Ullaas N/A Male Indian
Ullas Light Male Indian
Ullasa Growth Male Indian
Ullasin Playing; Sporting Male Indian
Ullasit Shining; Brilliant; Splendid Male Indian
Ullock Wolf sport. Male English
Ullok Wolf sport. Male English
Ulmar Wolf famous. Male English
Ulmarr Wolf famous. Male English
Ulmer famous wolf Male Filipino
Ulmer Famous wolf. Male Norse
Ulmuk Lord Indra Male Indian
Ulmuka Owl Male Indian
Ulogan N/A Male Indian
Ulpesh Tiny Male Indian
Ulprus Male Latin
Ulric Wolf ruler. Male English
Ulric wolf ruler Male Filipino
Ulric Power of the Wolf; A Wolf That Rules; Wolf Male Indian
Ulric Noble ruler. Male Teutonic
Ulrich Noble leader. Male German
Ulrich wolf ruler Male Old-English, Old-German
Ulrik Ruler of all. Male Danish
Ulrik Noble ruler. Male Teutonic
Ultan ravine Male Celtic
Ultman God; Godlike Male Indian
Ulucan Male Turkish
Ulupya With a Charming Face Male Indian
Ulvelaik Wolf sport. Male English
Ulysses Wrathful; hater. Ulysses was the hero of Homer's Odyssey. Famous Bearer: American president Ullyses S. Grant (1822 - 1885). Male Greek
Ulysses Wrathful; Hater Male Indian
Ulysses the hateful one, wounded in the tigh Male Latin
Ulysses 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' A Greek commander. Male Shakespearean
Ulyssis wounded in the thigh Male Filipino
Ulz Noble leader. Male German
Umaapati N/A Male Indian
Umaarah Old Arabic name Male Arabic
Umaarah Old Arabic Name Male Indian
Umadha N/A Male Indian
Umaiappan God Sivan Male Bengali
Umair Intelligent. Male Arabic
Umair Old Arabic Name Male Indian
Umair Intelligent Male Muslim
Umaiyavan Lord Shiva Male Indian
Umakant Lord Shiva Male Assemese
Umakant Lord Shiva Male Indian
Umakanta Lover of Uma; Moonlight Male Indian
Umakanth Shiva. Male Bengali
Umakanth Lord Shiva Male Indian
Umamani The Gem of Fame Male Indian
Umanand Lord Shiva Male Indian
Umanant Lord Shiva Male Indian
Umanath Lord Shankar Male Assemese
Umanath Lord Shankar Male Indian
Umanatha The Lord of Uma Male Indian
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