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Popular Baby Names for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ab Owen Son of Owen. Male Welsh -
Aba father Male Hungarian Abod, Abony, Abos
Abaan Old Arabic name Male Arabic -
Abaan Old Arabic Name Male Indian -
Abaan Old Arabic name Male Muslim -
Abaco abacus Male Hebrew -
Abaddon The destroyer Male Biblical -
Abadhya Always Victorious; Unopposed Male Indian -
Abagtha Father of the wine-press Male Biblical -
Abaharan Sea Male Muslim -
Abala Helpless Male Indian -
Abalendu Not the Nascent Moon; The Full Moon Male Indian -
Aballach Father of Modron. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Aban Old Arabic name Male Arabic -
Aban Old Arabic Name; Dual of Abu; 8th Month of the Iranian Calendar; Name of a Certain Angel; Bloom of Love; Little Abbot; Waters Male Indian -
Aban Old Arabic name Male Muslim -
Abana Made of stone, a building Male Biblical -
Abanindra N/A Male Indian -
Abarim Passages, passengers Male Biblical -
Abas Frowning, looking austere, also means lion. Male Afghan -
Abasi Stern. Male Egyptian -
Abaven protector Male Armen -
Abayomi Nigerian name meaning bringer of happiness. Male African -
Abayomi Brings joy. Male Egyptian -
Abayomi Born to Bring Me Joy; From Yoruba; Pleasant Meeting; Brings Joy Male Indian -
Abba Father Male Biblical -
Abbad great worshipper Male Arabic -
Abban Abbot Male Irish -
Abbas Description of a lion Male Arabic -
Abbas A Family Name Male Indian -
Abbas lion; Muhammad's uncle Male Muslim -
Abbie My Father is Light; Father of Joy Male Indian -
Abboid Abbey father. Male Gaelic -
Abbot Abbey father. Male English -
Abbot Father Male Hebrew -
Abbot Father; Priest Male Indian -
Abbott father Male Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew Abbot, Abba, Abbe, Absa
Abbott Abbey father. Male English -
Abbott Father Male Hebrew -
Abbott Father Male Indian -
Abbud Worshipper Male Indian -
Abbud Worshipper Male Muslim -
Abbudin Worshippers Male Arabic -
Abbudin Worshippers Male Indian -
Abbudin Worshippers Male Muslim -
Abby Father; My Father is Light; Father in Rejoicing Male Indian -
Abd Al-Ala Slave of the High Male Muslim -
Abd Alala Slave of the High Male Arabic -
Abda A servant, servitude. Male Biblical -
Abda servant of God Male Hebrew -
Abdalla Servant of God. (Swahili). Male African -
Abdallah slave of God Male Muslim -
Abdalongo servant of Elon Male Hebrew -
Abdar Glittering with Water; Wealthy Male Indian -
Abdecalas server of a dog Male Hebrew -
Abdeel A vapor, a cloud of God. Male Biblical -
Abdel servent Male Arabic Abdon, Abdone
Abderico rich and powerful servant Male Hebrew -
Abderus A friend of Hercules. Male Greek -
Abdhisayana Sleeping on the Ocean Male Indian -
Abdi My servant. Male Biblical -
Abdiel Servant of God Male Biblical -
Abdiel servent of god Male Hebrew Abdia
Abdieso N/A Male Indian -
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