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Popular Baby Names for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ziven Full of Life; Vigorous and Alive Male Indian
Ziven Alive and vigorous. Male Polish
Ziven Alive. Male Russian
Ziven vigorous and alive Male Slavic
Zivon Lively. Male Slavic
Zivon Alive. Male Russian
Zixin self confidence Male Chinese
Ziya Splendour Male Indian
Ziyad To become greater Male African
Ziyad Abundance Male Indian
Ziyad He shall add. Male Egyptian
Ziyad Super abundance Male Arabic
Ziyad Abundance Male Muslim
Zoárd Male Hungarian
Zobhana Brilliant Male Indian
Zobor gathering Male Hungarian
Zoel son of Babel Male Hebrew
Zoello son of Zoe Male Greek
Zohaib Leader; King Male Indian
Zohaib Leader, king Male Arabic
Zohair Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W). Male Arabic
Zohair Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W) Male Muslim
Zohoor appearance Male Arabic
Zohra Blooming; Jupiter Male Indian
Zoilo lively Male Greek
Zola Lump of Earth Male Indian
Zoland Male Hebrew
Zollie a form of Solly Male Hebrew
Zolly a form of Solly Male Hebrew
Zoltán chieftain Male Hungarian
Zoltan Life. Male Greek
Zoltar Life. Male Greek
Zombor buffalo Male Hungarian
Zongmeng Mencius as a model Male Chinese
Zorán dawn Male Hungarian
Zoraiz Luminous Object in Arabic Male Arabic
Zoran Dawn Male Arabic
Zoravar powerful Male Armen
Zoravar Powerfull Male Indian
Zorion Happy. Male Basque
Zorro golden dawn Male Slavic
Zory Farmer. Male Russian
Zosimo lively Male Greek
Zotico lively Male Greek
Zowie Male Gaelic
Zravasya Fame; Glory Male Indian
Zrimat Charming; Lovely; Pleasant; Splendid Male Indian
Zsiga Victorious defender. Male Teutonic
Zsigmond Victorious defender. Male Teutonic
Zsigmond victorious defender Male Hungairan
Zsolt name of an honor Male Hungarian
Zubaid Cream, butter. (Zubd) Male Afghan
Zubair Small piece of iron, a brave and wise person. Male Afghan
Zubair Strong; Inquisitive Male Indian
Zubair Proper Name. Male Arabic
Zubair Proper Name Male Muslim
Zubair, Zubayr Strong, powerful, smart Male Muslim
Zubayr Strong, powerful, smart Male Arabic
Zubayr A proper name, the youngest fighter in Al Islam Male Muslim
Zubeen N/A Male Indian
Zuber Brave Male Indian
Zuberi Strong Male African
Zuberi Strong. Male Egyptian
Zubhatmaka Charming Male Indian
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