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Popular Baby Names, origin Arabic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Suraa to travel by night Female Arabic -
Suraiya Polite Female Arabic -
Suraqah Name of a companion of the Prophet Male Arabic -
Suraya Star. Female Arabic -
Surayj Name of an authority of Hadith Male Arabic -
Surosh Inspiration, glad tiding Female Arabic -
Surraya Brightest star, sun Female Arabic -
Surur Joy, happiness. Male Arabic -
Suud Good luck Male Arabic -
Suwaybit Roof over path alley between houses Male Arabic -
Suwayd Black Male Arabic -
Suwaydah She was a narrator of Hadith Female Arabic -
Suwera Morning Female Arabic -
Swiyyah Little one. Female Arabic -
Sydeek King Male Arabic -
Syed Always in control Male Arabic -
Taahir Chaste; Modest Male Arabic -
Taahira Pure, chaste Female Arabic -
Taalah Young palm tree Female Arabic -
Taamir One who knows dates Male Arabic -
Taanish Good Male Arabic -
Tabalah She was a narrator of Hadith. Female Arabic -
Taban Resplendent, Glittering Male Arabic -
Tabassum Smiling Male Arabic -
Tabinda Bright, shining. Female Arabic -
Tabish Heat, Brilliancy. Male Arabic -
Tabrez Challenging, showing openly Male Arabic -
Tafida Paradise (egyptian name). Female Arabic -
Taghreed Singing of birds Female Arabic -
Taghrid Singing (as a bird) Female Arabic -
Taha Name of a Surah in the Quran Male Arabic -
Tahani Congratulations Female Arabic -
Tahawwur Rashness Male Arabic -
Taheem Pure Male Arabic -
Tahera Pure, chaste. Female Arabic -
Tahir chaste, pure Male Arabic -
Tahira Pure, chaste Female Arabic -
Tahirah chaste, pure Female Arabic -
Tahiyah Greeting Female Arabic -
Tahiyat Greetings Female Arabic -
Tahmeed Allahs servant Male Arabic -
Tahmid Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah Male Arabic -
Tahoor Purity Male Arabic -
Tahoora Pious, pure Female Arabic -
Tahseen Acclaim appreciation Male Arabic -
Tahseenah Acclaim. Female Arabic -
Tahsin Beautification Male Arabic -
Taiah Submissive, pious Female Arabic -
Taibah Repentant. Female Arabic -
Taim Allah, Taym Allah Servant of God Male Arabic -
Taima Oasis in Northwest Arabia Female Arabic -
Taimur Iron Male Arabic -
Taj Crown Male Arabic -
Taj al Din Crown of the faith Male Arabic -
Tajammal Beautiful Male Arabic -
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp. Male Arabic -
Tajim Respect Male Arabic -
Tajudinn Crown of religion. Male Arabic -
Takiyah Pious, righteous Female Arabic -
Talah Young palm tree Female Arabic -
Talal Nice admirable Male Arabic -
Talat Countenance. Male Arabic -
Talha A name of Tree. Male Arabic -
Talhah Kind of tree Male Arabic -
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