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Popular Baby Names, origin Arabic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tali Rising, Ascending, Going up Male Arabic -
Talib Male Arabic -
Taliba Scholar, seeker Female Arabic -
Talibah Seeker after knowledge Female Arabic -
Tamadur Brilliant Female Arabic -
Tamam Generous Male Arabic -
Tamara Date tree. Female Arabic -
Tameem Perfect, complete Male Arabic -
Tameema Complete Female Arabic -
Tameemah Name of a poetess. Female Arabic -
Tameez Discretion, sense, manners Male Arabic -
Tamim Strong, complete Male Arabic -
Tamir pure, tall stately Male Arabic -
Tamkeen Dignity Gravity Male Arabic -
Tammam Generous Male Arabic -
Tanim Wave of the Sea, Rythem. Male Arabic -
Tanisha Happiness. Female Arabic -
Tanveer Rays of light. Male Arabic -
Tanweer Illumination Female Arabic -
Tanwir Enlightening Male Arabic -
Tanzeela Revelation, Receiving hospitably. Female Arabic -
Taqdees A Name for Allah, The Almighty Male Arabic -
Taqiy Devout, God fearing Male Arabic -
Taqiyah Heedful of God Female Arabic -
Taqiyy Pious, Righteous Male Arabic -
Taqiyya God-fearing, pious Female Arabic -
Taqwaa Piety, devoutness, heedfulness of God Female Arabic -
Tara Star. Female Arabic -
Tarannum Singing Male Arabic -
Tareef Rare; Uncommon Male Arabic -
Tarek anglicizedform of Tariq. Male Arabic -
Tarfah Kind of tree Male Arabic -
Tarif, Tareef Rare, uncommon Male Arabic -
Tariq star, path Male Arabic Tarik, Taric, Tareeq, Tareek, Tareec
Tariqah This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princes of al-Qays bin Zayd (AN). Female Arabic -
Tarique Morningstar Male Arabic -
Taroob Merry Female Arabic -
Tarub Merry Female Arabic -
Tasadduq Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice. Male Arabic -
Tasawwar Idea conception Male Arabic -
Taseen A name of the Prophet (S.A.W) Male Arabic -
Tasheen Ever Ambitious. Female Arabic -
Taskeen Pacification, alleviation Female Arabic -
Taslim Peaceful Male Arabic -
Tasneem Fountain of paridise. Female Arabic -
Tasneen A heavenly fountain Male Arabic -
Tasnim Fountain in paradise Female Arabic -
Taufiq Guidance Male Arabic -
Tauqeer Respect Male Arabic -
Tawbah Repentance Male Arabic -
Tawfeeq Divine help or guidance enabling inner motivation Male Arabic -
Tawfeeqa Prosperous Female Arabic -
Tawfiq Success, reconciliation Male Arabic -
Tawhid Believing in one God Male Arabic -
Tawoos Peacock Male Arabic -
Tawqir Honour, respect Male Arabic -
Tawseef Praise Male Arabic -
Taybah Pure. Female Arabic -
Tayma Oasis in Northwest Arabia Female Arabic -
Taymullah Servant of God Male Arabic -
Taymur Brave strong. Male Arabic -
Tayseer Facilitation Male Arabic -
Taysir Facilitation Male Arabic -
Tayyeb Good and delicate Male Arabic -
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