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Popular Baby Names, origin Arabic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Uthman Name of the third Caliph Male Arabic -
Utt wise and kind Male Arabic -
Uwaisah Bilberry, whortleberry Female Arabic -
Uwayam A float buoyant Male Arabic -
Uwaysah Bilberry, whortleberry Female Arabic -
Uzair Name of a Prophet Male Arabic -
Uzayr Precious Male Arabic -
Uzma Great, supreme Female Arabic -
Valiqa Trustworthy Female Arabic -
Vardah Rose Female Arabic -
Varisha Lightning. Female Arabic -
Vega falling star Female Arabic -
Waahid Single; Exclusively; Unequaled Male Arabic -
Waajidah One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved Female Arabic -
Wabisa Something Bright. Female Arabic -
Wad Promise Female Arabic -
Wadad Affection, love Female Arabic -
Waddah Bright, brilliant Male Arabic -
Wadeea Gentle, peaceful (humble) Female Arabic -
Wadha Bright Female Arabic -
Wadhaa Bright Female Arabic -
Wadi Calm, peaceful Male Arabic -
Wadiah Calm, peaceable Female Arabic -
Wadid Favorable, devoted, fond Male Arabic -
Wadud One of the ninetynine names of God Male Arabic -
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity Male Arabic -
Wafaa Faithfulness Female Arabic -
Wafeeq Successful Male Arabic -
Wafeeqa Friend, companion Female Arabic -
Wafeeqah Successful Female Arabic -
Wafi Faithful, loyal Male Arabic -
Wafiq Successful Male Arabic -
Wafiqah Successful Female Arabic -
Wafiyah Loyal, faithful Female Arabic -
Wafiyya Loyal, honest Female Arabic -
Wafiyyah Loyal, faithful Female Arabic -
Wafiza Fresh air. Female Arabic -
Wagma Morning breeze, dew. Female Arabic -
Wahab Kind hearted Male Arabic -
Wahabah This was the name of a poetess Female Arabic -
Wahb Giving Male Arabic -
Wahban related to Wahb Male Arabic -
Wahbiyah Giving Female Arabic -
Waheed Unique, One of its kind Male Arabic -
Waheeda Unique, matchless Female Arabic -
Wahhab One of the ninetynine names of God Male Arabic -
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent Male Arabic -
Wahi Another name for the Quran; messengers Male Arabic -
Wahib Liberal donor Male Arabic -
Wahibah Giver, donor Female Arabic -
Wahid exclusive, unequalled Male Arabic -
Wahida Unique Female Arabic -
Wahidah Exclusive, unique Female Arabic -
Wahuj First light of day, Dawn, New Beginning. Female Arabic -
Wail Coming back (for Shelter) Male Arabic -
Wais King Male Arabic -
Waiz Preacher, Sermoniser Male Arabic -
Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity Male Arabic -
Wajd Passion, strong emotion Female Arabic -
Wajdaan Thought, imagination Male Arabic -
Wajdi Of strong emotion, passion and love Male Arabic -
Wajeeh Commanding Personality Male Arabic -
Wajeeha Eminent, distinguished Female Arabic -
Wajid OneWho finds Male Arabic -
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