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Popular Baby Names, origin Gaelic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
MacAdhaimh Son of Adam. Male Gaelic -
MacAilean Son of the handsome man. Male Gaelic -
MacAladair Son of Alasdair. Male Gaelic -
MacAllen Son of the handsome man. Male Gaelic -
MacAllister Son of Alasdair. Male Gaelic -
MacArthur Son of Arthur. Male Gaelic -
MacArtuir Son of Arthur. Male Gaelic -
Mackenzie son of the wise leader Male Gaelic Mackie, Kenzie, Max, Mackenzy
MacLean Son of the handsome man. Male Gaelic -
MacNab Son of the Father or Abbott. Male Gaelic -
Mairearad Pearl. Female Gaelic -
Mairghread Pearl. Female Gaelic -
Mairi Bitter. Female Gaelic -
Malcolm Servant/disciple of Columba. Famous Bearers: Conductor Sir Malcolm Sargent and U.S. black militant Malcolm X (Malcolm Little). Male Gaelic -
Malise Servant of Jesus. Male Gaelic -
Maloney Devoted to God. Male Gaelic -
Malvin Polished chief. Male Gaelic -
Malvina smooth snow Female Gaelic Malva, Malvie, Melvina, Melvine, Mevin, Mally, Melly, Mal, Mel, Mellen
Mannis Great. Male Gaelic -
Manus Great. Male Gaelic -
Maoldhomhnaigh Devoted to God. Male Gaelic -
Maolmin Polished chief. Male Gaelic -
Maolmin Polished chief. Female Gaelic -
Maoltuile Quiet. Male Gaelic -
Marcus Hammer. Male Gaelic -
Marsali Pearl. Female Gaelic -
Martainn Warlike. Male Gaelic -
Maspann Bhaillidh Son of the steward. Male Gaelic -
Mayo Lives near the yew trees. Male Gaelic -
Meara merry Female Gaelic Mira, Meera
Meckenzie Daughter of the Wise Leader Female Gaelic -
Meegan Soft; gentle. Female Gaelic -
Melvina Variant of Malvina: Smooth brow. Female Gaelic -
Micheal Form of Michael 'Who is like God?'. Male Gaelic -
Micheil Gaelic form of Michael. Male Gaelic -
Mildread Gaelic form of Mildred. Female Gaelic -
Min Smooth; fine; small. Female Gaelic -
Moibeal Gaelic form of Mabel. Female Gaelic -
Monroe From the red swamp. Male Gaelic -
Mor Bitter. Female Gaelic -
Morag Great; sun. Female Gaelic -
Morfinn Pale. Male Gaelic -
Morna Beloved. Female Gaelic -
Morvan Pale. Male Gaelic -
Morven Pale. Male Gaelic -
Morvin Pale. Male Gaelic -
Morvyn Pale. Male Gaelic -
Muadhnait Noble. Female Gaelic -
Muireach Moorish. Male Gaelic -
Muireall Bitter. Female Gaelic -
Mungan Gaelic form of Mungo. Male Gaelic -
Mungo Amiable; beloved. Male Gaelic -
Murchadh Protector of the sea. Male Gaelic -
Murdoch Mariner. Male Gaelic -
Murphy sea warrior Male Gaelic Murphee, Murphree
Murthuile Sea tide. Male Gaelic -
Myrna polite one, gentle Female Gaelic Muirne, Merna, Mirna, Moina, Morna, Moyna
Nara Happy. Female Gaelic -
Neacal People's victory. Male Gaelic -
Neal champion Male Gaelic Neil, Neill, Nial, Niall, Neale, Neel, Niels, Niel, Niles, Nels, Nils, O'Neill, Neely
Neala champion Female Gaelic Niela, Nela, Neela, Neila, Nealah, Neilla, Nila
Neall Champion. Male Gaelic -
Neelie Feminine of Neil: champion. Female Gaelic -
Neely Feminine of Neil: champion. Female Gaelic -
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