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Popular Baby Names, origin Gaelic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Dooley Dark hero. Male Gaelic -
Doreen Ann. Female Gaelic -
Dorene Ann. Female Gaelic -
Doyle dark stranger Male Gaelic Doyl
Dubhgall Dark stranger. Male Gaelic -
Dubhgan Dark skinned. Male Gaelic -
Dubhglas Dark water. Male Gaelic -
Dubhloach Dark hero. Male Gaelic -
Dubhthach Dark skinned. Male Gaelic -
Duff Dark skinned. Male Gaelic -
Duffy Dark skinned. Male Gaelic -
Dugald Dark stranger. Male Gaelic -
Dugan Dark skinned. Male Gaelic -
Dughall Dark stranger. Male Gaelic -
Duglas dark stranger Male Gaelic -
Duncan Dark warrior 'Brown-haired.'. Male Gaelic -
Dymphna suitable one, virgin saint Female Gaelic -
Eachann Steadfast. Male Gaelic -
Eachthighearn Horse lord. Male Gaelic -
Ealadhach Genius. Male Gaelic -
Ealasaid Devoted to God. Female Gaelic -
Ealuvig Ruler of the home. Male Gaelic -
Eaman Earnest. Male Gaelic -
Eamon Rich protector. Male Gaelic -
Eamonn Rich protector. Male Gaelic -
Eanrin Handsome. Male Gaelic -
Edana Fiery. Female Gaelic -
Egan Young fighter. Male Gaelic -
Egann Variant of Egan: Fire. Male Gaelic -
Egon Young fighter. Male Gaelic -
Eideann Fiery. Female Gaelic -
Eideard Rich guardian. Male Gaelic -
Eihhlin Gaelic form of Eileen or Evelyn. Female Gaelic -
Eilidh Light. Female Gaelic -
Eilionoir Gaelic form of Eleanor. Female Gaelic -
Ennis The only choice. Male Gaelic -
Eoghan Young fighter. Male Gaelic -
Eoghann Young fighter. Male Gaelic -
Erienne Poetic name for Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Erin Poetic name for Ireland. Peace. Female Gaelic -
Erin Peace; Poetic name for Ireland. Male Gaelic -
Erina Poetic name for Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Erinn Poetic name for Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Erinna Poetic name for Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Erinne Poetic name for Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Erlina Girl from Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Erline Girl from Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Eryn Poetic name for Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Erynn Poetic name for Ireland. Female Gaelic -
Eshne Little fire, frem Irish Gaelic. Female Gaelic -
Ethne Feminine equivalent of the Irish Gaelic Aidan, a name popular in the 7th century after the famous Irish monk Aidan. Female Gaelic -
Ewan well born Male Gaelic -
Fagen Ardent. Male Gaelic -
Fagin Ardent. Male Gaelic -
Faodhagan Ardent. Male Gaelic -
Faolan Little wolf. Male Gaelic -
Farquhar Very dear. Male Gaelic -
Farrell Victorious. Male Gaelic -
Fearbhirigh Wealthy or stubborn. Male Gaelic -
Fearcher Very dear. Male Gaelic -
Fearghall Victorious. Male Gaelic -
Fearghus Rock. Male Gaelic -
Feargus Rock. Also a variant of 'Fearghas', derived from the Celtic for 'man' and 'choice'. Male Gaelic -
Fenella White shoulder. From 'Fionnghuala' or 'Fionnuala'. Female Gaelic -
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