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Popular Baby Names, origin Gaelic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Carrick dweller on the rocky cape Male Gaelic -
Carrigan Female Gaelic -
Carroll Champion. Male Gaelic -
Casey Brave. Female Gaelic -
Casey Brave. Male Gaelic -
Casidhe Dever. Female Gaelic -
Casidhe Clever. Male Gaelic -
Cassidy Dever. Female Gaelic -
Cassidy clever Male Gaelic -
Cathaoirmore Great warrior. Male Gaelic -
Cathasach Brave. Female Gaelic -
Cathasach Brave. Male Gaelic -
Cathmor Great warrior. Male Gaelic -
Cathmore Great warrior. Male Gaelic -
Cathrine Form of the Greek Catherine meaning pure. Female Gaelic -
Catriona Pure, clear. A Scottish Gaelic variant of 'Catherine', which is the French form of the Latin 'Katharina', from the Greek 'Aikaterina'. Famous bearer: the heroine of 19th century author Robert Louis Stevenson's novel 'Catriona'. Female Gaelic -
Cavan handsome Male Gaelic -
Cayden spirit of battle Male Gaelic -
Cayla Slender. Variant of Caley or Cailley: (French) 'from the forest. Female Gaelic -
Caylee Slender. Variant of Caley or Cailley: (French) 'from the forest. Female Gaelic -
Cayleigh party Female Gaelic Cay, Lee, Leigh, Caylah
Cayley Slender. Variant of Caley or Cailley: (French) 'from the forest. Female Gaelic -
Caylie Slender. Variant of Caley or Cailley: (French) 'from the forest. Female Gaelic -
Caylin Girl; lass. Female Gaelic -
Ceallach Warrior maid. Female Gaelic -
Ceallach Warrior. Male Gaelic -
Ceannfhionn Blond. Male Gaelic -
Ceara Spear. Female Gaelic -
Cearbhallan Small champion. Male Gaelic -
Cearnach Victorious. Male Gaelic -
Ceileachan Little champion. Male Gaelic -
Cein Ancient. Male Gaelic -
Ceit Pure. Female Gaelic -
Cerin Little dark one. Male Gaelic -
Charraigaich Rocky headland. Male Gaelic -
Choilleich Guards the forest. Male Gaelic -
Cian Ancient. Male Gaelic -
Ciarda Dark. Female Gaelic -
Ciardubhan Little black one. Male Gaelic -
Cinnard From the high hill. Male Gaelic -
Cinneididh Helmeted. Male Gaelic -
Cinnfhail From the head of the cliff. Male Gaelic -
Ciorstag Christian. Female Gaelic -
Ciorstan Christian. Female Gaelic -
Cleary Scholar. Male Gaelic -
Cleirach Scholar. Male Gaelic -
Clunainach From the meadow. Male Gaelic -
Cluny From the meadow. Male Gaelic -
Cobhan Dwells by the hillside hollow. Male Gaelic -
Coigleach Distaff. Male Gaelic -
Coilin Virile. Male Gaelic -
Coillcumhann From the narrow forest. Male Gaelic -
Coilleach Guards the forest. Male Gaelic -
Coinleain Shaped as a well. Male Gaelic -
Coinneach Handsome. Male Gaelic -
Coire Ravine. Male Gaelic -
Colan Child. Male Gaelic -
Coleen Girl. Female Gaelic -
Colin Child or virile. Male Gaelic -
Coll Child. Male Gaelic -
Collan Variant of Cullen: Handsome; good-looking lad. Male Gaelic -
Colle Dwells at the woodland. Male Gaelic -
Colleen Girl. Female Gaelic -
Collin Child. Male Gaelic -
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