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Popular Baby Names, origin Muslim

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aroosa Bride Female Muslim -
Aroush Angel of paradise Female Muslim -
Arsal The one who was sent Male Muslim -
Arsalaan Lion Male Muslim -
Arsh Dominion , Crown Male Muslim -
Arshad Better guided, honest Male Muslim -
Arshaq Handsome, well proportioned Male Muslim -
Artah A narrator of the hadith Male Muslim -
Arub Loving (to husband) Female Muslim -
Arub, Aroob Loving to her husband Female Muslim -
Arwa Mountain gazelle Female Muslim -
Arya Noble Female Muslim -
Aryan Of utmost strength Male Muslim -
Aryisha Under tree/umberalla Female Muslim -
Arzo Hope Female Muslim -
Arzu Wish, hope, love Female Muslim -
Asad Happy, fortunate, lucky, Lion Male Muslim -
Asadel Most prosperous one Male Muslim -
Asalah Nobility of descent Female Muslim -
Asar Fourth Prayer of the day Male Muslim -
Asbagh Coloured animal, huge flood, dyer Male Muslim -
Asbah Pure (as water) Female Muslim -
Asbat A narrator of hadith Male Muslim -
Aseed A narrator of Hadeeth Male Muslim -
Asghar Shorter, Smaller, Junior Male Muslim -
Ashalina Sweet, always living, shy, loving Female Muslim -
Ashar One who has wisdom Male Muslim -
Ashaz One in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet There is a hadith praising his virtue of patience and obedience to parents Male Muslim -
Asheeyana House, nest Female Muslim -
Ashfaq Compassionate friend Male Muslim -
Ashika Love Female Muslim -
Ashim Generous Male Muslim -
Ashmath Correct path, Straight path Male Muslim -
Ashraf Most honorable Male Muslim -
Ashwaq Love, affections Female Muslim -
Asif Forgiveness Male Muslim -
Asifa Organiser Female Muslim -
Asil Smooth Female Muslim -
Asilah Noble origin, pure Female Muslim -
Asim Protector, defender Male Muslim -
Asima Protector Female Muslim -
Asimah, Asima Protector Female Muslim -
Asiya The Muslim wife of Pharaoh Female Muslim -
Asiya, Asiyah One who tends to the weak, one who heals, comforts, consoles Female Muslim -
Aslam Peace Male Muslim -
Asma Loftier, more eminent Female Muslim -
Asma, Asma, Asmaa Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious; daughter of Abu Bakr Female Muslim -
Asmara Beautiful butterfly Female Muslim -
Asmat Pure, Clean Female Muslim -
Asna The one to be acknowledged or praised Female Muslim -
Asra Travel by night Female Muslim -
Asrar Secrets Female Muslim -
Asriyah Modernist Female Muslim -
Aswad Black Male Muslim -
Ata Gift, Present Male Muslim -
Ata / Ataa Gift Male Muslim -
Ata al Rahman Gift of the Beneficent Male Muslim -
Ata Allah Gift of God Male Muslim -
Ataubaq Handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share Male Muslim -
Ateeb Very pious Male Muslim -
Ateefa Affection, Sympathy Female Muslim -
Ateeqah Old Ancient Female Muslim -
Athar Neat, Clean Male Muslim -
Athazaz Unknown, Mystery, Maze Male Muslim -
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