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Popular Baby Names , origin Muslim

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Aidah, Aida Visiting, returning; reward Female Muslim
Aidh Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran Male Muslim
Aighar She was a religious, righteous woman Female Muslim
Aijaz Blessing Male Muslim
Aila Noble Female Muslim
Aimal Hope Female Muslim
Aiman Fearless Male Muslim
Aimen Most Congratulated Female Muslim
Ain Eye, thus 'precious' Female Muslim
Ain Alsaba Treasure of the eye Female Muslim
Aini Spring, flower, source, choice Female Muslim
Aisha Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Female Muslim
Aishah, Aisha, Ayishah Living, prosperous; youngest wife of the Prophet Female Muslim
Aiza Noble Female Muslim
Ajeebah A narrator of hadith Female Muslim
Ajer Reward Male Muslim
Ajib Wonderful Male Muslim
Ajlah A narrator of hadith had this name Male Muslim
Ajmal Beautiful Male Muslim
Ajradah Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawn (A.N) Female Muslim
Ajwa Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH) Female Muslim
Akbar Great Male Muslim
Akeem Wise Male Muslim
Akhas A narrator of hadith Male Muslim
Akhdan Best Friend Male Muslim
Akhfash There have been several men of this name; there were grammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th century Male Muslim
Akhlaq Behavion Male Muslim
Akhtar A Star, good man Male Muslim
Akia Sister Female Muslim
Akif Focused Male Muslim
Akifah Intent, busy Female Muslim
Akil Intelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reason Male Muslim
Akilah Intelligent, logical, one who reasons Female Muslim
Akleema Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S) Female Muslim
Akram Most generous Male Muslim
Al-Adur al-Karimah A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. She respected the Ulama and built religious schools (Madrasah) and mosques, She died in 762 Female Muslim
Ala Nobility, excellence Male Muslim
Ala al Din Excellence of faith Male Muslim
Alaa exaltation Male Muslim
Aladdin / Ala al din Nobility of faith Male Muslim
Alaia Virtuous Female Muslim
Aleemah Knowing, Knowledgeable Female Muslim
Aleena Silk of heaven Female Muslim
Aleeza Joy Female Muslim
Alesha Protected by god Female Muslim
Alhasan The handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandson Male Muslim
Alhena A ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini) Female Muslim
Alhusain / Alhusayn Diminutive of the handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandson Male Muslim
Ali exalted; Muhammad's son-in-law Male Muslim
Ali / Aliyy The highest, greatest, excellent, noble; name of the Prophets son in law and the fourth Caliph Male Muslim
Alia Beautiful Female Muslim
Alia, Aliya, Alya exalted Female Muslim
Alika Love Female Muslim
Alim Wise or learned Male Muslim
Alima Wise Female Muslim
Alimah Skilled in music or dance Female Muslim
Alina Beautiful Female Muslim
Alisha Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah Female Muslim
Alishaba Beautiful sunshine Female Muslim
Alishba Pretty Female Muslim
Aliyah Exalted, noble Female Muslim
Aliyah, Aliyyah, Alia, Alia Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing Female Muslim
Aliza The Daughter of Ali (RA) Female Muslim
Alleyah Leader Female Muslim
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