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Popular Baby Names starting with A

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Aymen Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia Female Muslim -
Aymer Variant of Elmer: Noble. Male English -
Ayo Nigerian name meaning 'happiness'. Male African -
Ayob / Ayub A Prophet, the biblical Job. Male Afghan -
Ayobahu Iron Armed Male Indian -
Ayobami I am blessed with you Female African -
Ayobunmi Joy is given to me Female African -
Ayoda Giver of Life Male Indian -
Ayodele Joy comes home Female African -
Ayodhana N/A Female Indian -
Ayodhana N/A Male Indian -
Ayodhya Not to Be Fought Against Male Indian -
Ayofemi Joy likes me Female African -
Ayog Institution Male Bengali -
Ayog Institution Male Indian -
Ayoluwa Joy of the people Female African -
Ayona N/A Female Indian -
Ayoob A Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Ayoola Joy is wealth Female African -
Ayra Respectable. Female Arabic -
Ayra Respectable Female Muslim -
Ayrwode From the fir forest. Male English -
Ayse Female Turkish -
Aysegül Female Turkish -
Ayser Easy in dealing, wealthy Male Arabic -
Ayser Easy in dealing, wealthy Male Muslim -
Aysha The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Female Arabic -
Ayshah Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Female Arabic -
Ayshah Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) Female Muslim -
Ayub A prophet of Allah (swt) Male Arabic -
Ayub Name of a God Male Indian -
Ayuddha Irresistable; Unconquerable Male Indian -
Ayudh Weapon Male Indian -
Ayudha Does Not Fight; Peace Loving Male Indian -
Ayuj Without a Companion; Without an Equal Male Indian -
Ayuja N/A Male Indian -
Ayukta Surya or Sun Female Indian -
Ayumi stroll Female Japanese -
Ayurda Bestower of Longevity Female Bengali -
Ayurda Bestower of Longevity Female Indian -
Ayus Age; Duration of Life; Lineage Male Indian -
Ayush Male Hindu -
Ayush Long Lived Male Indian -
Ayusha Life Span Female Indian -
Ayusha N/A Male Indian -
Ayushi Long Life Female Hindi -
Ayushi Female Hindu -
Ayushi Long Life Female Indian -
Ayushi Long Life Male Indian -
Ayushka Life Female Indian -
Ayushka Life Male Indian -
Ayushmaan Having Long Life Male Indian -
Ayushman blessed with long life Male Assemese -
Ayushman Blessed with Long Life Male Indian -
Ayushmati One who has a long life; Eternal one Female Assemese -
Ayushmati person who has a long life Female Hindu -
Ayushmati One who has a Long Life Female Indian -
Ayushya N/A Male Indian -
Ayusman Blessed with a Long Life Male Indian -
Ayustejas Life's Energy; Energy of Life Male Indian -
Ayuta Unbound; Myriad Male Indian -
Ayutajit N/A Male Indian -
Ayutasva Having Many Horses Male Indian -
Ayutayu With an Unlimited Age Male Indian -
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