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Popular Baby Names starting with A

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ayyad N/A Male Indian -
Ayyadurai N/A Male Indian -
Ayyakannu N/A Male Indian -
Ayyamuthu N/A Male Indian -
Ayyannan N/A Male Indian -
Ayyapan Ever Youthful Male Assemese -
Ayyapan Ever Youthful Male Bengali -
Ayyapan Ever Youthful Male Indian -
Ayyappa Son of Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Ayyappan Ever Youthful Male Indian -
Ayyasami N/A Male Indian -
Ayyash Bread seller Male Arabic -
Ayyash Bread seller Male Muslim -
Ayyavu N/A Male Indian -
Ayyub A Prophets name (Job) Male Arabic -
Ayyub One who Asks for Forgiveness Male Indian -
Ayyub Ayyub was a Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship. There have been other noted men by this name, for instance I Male Muslim -
Ayyub / Ayoob A Prophets name (Job) Male Muslim -
Az-zahra Excellent and smart. Female Arabic -
Az-zahra Excellent and smart Female Muslim -
Aza Comfort Male Arabic -
Aza Comfort Male Muslim -
Azaan Call for the prayer. Male Arabic -
Azaan Call for the prayer Male Muslim -
Azab Touring, travelling, wandering Male Arabic -
Azab Touring, travelling, wandering Male Muslim -
Azad Free. Male Afghan -
Azad Freedom. Male Arabic -
Azad Free; Independence Male Indian -
Azad Freedom Male Muslim -
Azad Free. Male Turkish -
Azadah Free (born), noble, free from care. Female Afghan -
Azadanes strong Male Hebrew -
Azadeh Princess. Female Arabic -
Azadeh Dry Earth; Detached; Free of Material Things Female Indian -
Azadeh dry earth; detached, free of material things Female Latin, Persian Ozzie, Oz, Az, Azzie
Azadeh Princess Female Muslim -
Azades Azadanes Male Hebrew -
Azadouhi free woman Female Armenian -
Azael made from God Male Hebrew -
Azalea Democracy Female Arabic -
Azalea Dry. A flower name. Female Greek -
Azalea It is a Flower Female Indian -
Azalea Dry earth; Dry. A flower name. Female Latin -
Azalia Dry. A flower name. Female Greek -
Azalia spared by jehovah Female Hebrew Azaria
Azalia Dry earth; Dry. A flower name. Female Latin -
Azaliah Near the Lord Male Biblical -
Azam The Powerful One Female Indian -
Azam Greater, greatest, more important. Male Afghan -
Azam The powerful one Male Arabic -
Azam Offspring Male Indian -
Azami thistle flower Female Japanese -
Azaniah Hearing the Lord; the Lord's weapons Male Biblical -
Azar Fire; 9th Month of the Iranian Calendar Female Indian -
Azara Scarlet Female Indian -
Azare God helped Male Hebrew -
Azareel Help of God Male Biblical -
Azaria a form of Azuriah Female Hebrew -
Azariah He that hears the Lord Male Biblical -
Azarias the Lord sustains me Male Hebrew -
Azariel he who has control over the waters Male Hebrew -
Azarin Chamomile Flower; Related to Fire Female Indian -
Azarious God helps Male Hebrew -
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