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Popular Baby Names starting with C

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Cakaraka N/A Male Indian -
Cakarpala N/A Male Indian -
Cakora Shining; Content Male Indian -
Cakra Wheel; Circle; Discus; The Sun Male Indian -
Cakrabhrt Discus Bearer; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Cakrabhuj Holding a Disc; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Cakradeva King of the Discus Male Indian -
Cakradhara Bearing a Discus; Emperor Male Indian -
Cakradrsa Round Eye Male Indian -
Cakraki Possessing the Discus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Cakranemi The Periphery or Rim of a Wheel or Cycle Female Indian -
Cakrapani Discus Holder Male Indian -
Cakrasena Commander of the Army; Leader Male Indian -
Cakravaka Has a Round Mouth Male Indian -
Cakravala Circle; Assemblage; A Leader Male Indian -
Cakravana Possessor of the Cakra; Worshipper of Vishnu Male Indian -
Cakravat With a Discus; Emperor Male Indian -
Cakravata Fierce; Forceful; Whirlwind Male Indian -
Cakresa Lord of the Discus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Cakrika Disus Bearer Male Indian -
Cakrin With a Discus Male Indian -
Caksana Soothing to the Eyes Male Indian -
Caksas Look; Sight; Radiance; A Teacher Male Indian -
Caksu Eye Male Indian -
Caksus Eyes; Sun Male Indian -
Caksusa Seer Male Indian -
Caksusya Pleasing to the Eyes Male Indian -
Cal Bald; Abbreviation of names beginning with Cal-. Male English -
Cala castle Female Arabic -
Cala Castle; Fortress; Most Beautiful Female Indian -
Cala Ever Moving Male Indian -
Caladh Harbor. Male Scottish -
Calah Favorable, opportunity. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Calais Son of Boreas. Male Greek -
Calama N/A Female Indian -
Calan Contemporary variant of Cailean 'Child.'. Male Scottish -
Calandra lark Female Greek Callie, Cally, Cal
Calandra Lark. Female Italian -
Calandre Lark. Female French -
Calantha Beautiful flower. Female French -
Calantha beautiful blossoms Female Greek -
Calanthe Beautiful flower. Female French -
Calapati Lord of the Moving Male Indian -
Calbert Cowherd; cowboy. Male English -
Calbex Shepherd. Male English -
Calbhach Bald Male Irish -
Calcas Legendary son of Caw. Male Welsh -
Calchas A seer. Male Greek -
Calchas 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' A Trojan priest, taking part with the Greeks. Male Shakespearean -
Calcia Mother of Cycnus. Female Latin -
Calcol Nourishing. Male Biblical -
Calder From the stony river. Male Celtic -
Calder Cold brook. Male English -
Calder Cool Clear Spring Male Indian -
Calder river of stones, stream Male Old-English Caulder, Cal
Calder Rough waters. Male Scottish -
Caldre Cold brook. Male English -
Caldwell From the cold spring. Male English -
Caldwell Near a Cold Well Male Indian -
Caldwell cold spring Male Old-English Cadwell, Cadmus. Namesake
Caldwiella From the cold spring. Male English -
Cale Bold; Surname derived from Charles. Male English -
Cale a form of Caleb Male Hebrew -
Caleb bold, dog Both Hebrew Cale, Cal, Kalin
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