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Popular Baby Names starting with C

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Cakaraka N/A Male Indian
Cakarpala N/A Male Indian
Cakora Shining; Content Male Indian
Cakra Wheel; Circle; Discus; The Sun Male Indian
Cakrabhrt Discus Bearer; Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Cakrabhuj Holding a Disc; Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Cakradeva King of the Discus Male Indian
Cakradhara Bearing a Discus; Emperor Male Indian
Cakradrsa Round Eye Male Indian
Cakraki Possessing the Discus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Cakranemi The Periphery or Rim of a Wheel or Cycle Female Indian
Cakrapani Discus Holder Male Indian
Cakrasena Commander of the Army; Leader Male Indian
Cakravaka Has a Round Mouth Male Indian
Cakravala Circle; Assemblage; A Leader Male Indian
Cakravana Possessor of the Cakra; Worshipper of Vishnu Male Indian
Cakravat With a Discus; Emperor Male Indian
Cakravata Fierce; Forceful; Whirlwind Male Indian
Cakresa Lord of the Discus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Cakrika Disus Bearer Male Indian
Cakrin With a Discus Male Indian
Caksana Soothing to the Eyes Male Indian
Caksas Look; Sight; Radiance; A Teacher Male Indian
Caksu Eye Male Indian
Caksus Eyes; Sun Male Indian
Caksusa Seer Male Indian
Caksusya Pleasing to the Eyes Male Indian
Cal Bald; Abbreviation of names beginning with Cal-. Male English
Cala castle Female Arabic
Cala Castle; Fortress; Most Beautiful Female Indian
Cala Ever Moving Male Indian
Caladh Harbor. Male Scottish
Calah Favorable, opportunity. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical
Calais Son of Boreas. Male Greek
Calama N/A Female Indian
Calan Contemporary variant of Cailean 'Child.'. Male Scottish
Calandra lark Female Greek
Calandra Lark. Female Italian
Calandre Lark. Female French
Calantha Beautiful flower. Female French
Calantha beautiful blossoms Female Greek
Calanthe Beautiful flower. Female French
Calapati Lord of the Moving Male Indian
Calbert Cowherd; cowboy. Male English
Calbex Shepherd. Male English
Calbhach Bald Male Irish
Calcas Legendary son of Caw. Male Welsh
Calchas A seer. Male Greek
Calchas 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' A Trojan priest, taking part with the Greeks. Male Shakespearean
Calcia Mother of Cycnus. Female Latin
Calcol Nourishing. Male Biblical
Calder From the stony river. Male Celtic
Calder Cold brook. Male English
Calder Cool Clear Spring Male Indian
Calder river of stones, stream Male Old-English
Calder Rough waters. Male Scottish
Caldre Cold brook. Male English
Caldwell From the cold spring. Male English
Caldwell Near a Cold Well Male Indian
Caldwell cold spring Male Old-English
Caldwiella From the cold spring. Male English
Cale Bold; Surname derived from Charles. Male English
Cale a form of Caleb Male Hebrew
Caleb bold, dog Both Hebrew
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