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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Gangaivaanan Gift of Ganga Male Indian
Gangaja Son of Ganga Male Indian
Gangala From the Ganga Male Indian
Gangamata Great Devotee of the Lord Female Indian
Gangaraaju N/A Male Indian
Gangaram Similar to Ganga Male Indian
Gangavar Goddess Ganga's Boon Male Indian
Gangavathi N/A Female Indian
Ganger A founder of Normandy. Male Norse
Gangesa King of the Ganges River Male Indian
Gangesh Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gangesha Lord of Ganga Male Indian
Gangeva Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gangeya Of The Ganga Male Assemese
Gangeya Of The Ganga Male Bengali
Gangeya Of the Ganga Male Indian
Ganghari Girl from Gandhar Female Indian
Gangi Goddess Durga Female Assemese
Gangi Goddess Durga Female Indian
Gangika River Female Hindi
Gangika River Ganga Female Indian
Gangika One who is Pure; Sacred; Pious as the Ganga Male Indian
Gangol A Precious Male Indian
Gangola N/A Male Indian
Gangothiri N/A Female Indian
Gangotri Sacred River Of India Female Bengali
Gangotri Sacred River of India Female Indian
Gangotri Glacier Where the Ganga Originates; Sacred River of India Male Indian
Ganhakali N/A Female Indian
Ganice Garden Female Hebrew
Ganieda Merlin's sister. Female Arthurian-Legend
Ganika Flower Female Assemese
Ganika Flower Female Hindi
Ganika Flower Female Indian
Ganika Flower Male Indian
Ganin One has Attendants Male Indian
Ganishkha Goddess Parvathi Female Indian
Ganit Garden Female Hebrew
Ganit Defender Female Indian
Ganita Regarded Female Indian
Ganitha Regarded Female Indian
Ganjan Exceding Female Hindi
Ganjan Exceeding Female Indian
Ganjan Surpassing Male Indian
Ganjendra Lord Ganpati Male Indian
Gankappa N/A Male Indian
Gankeyavalli Flower Female Indian
Ganmanya Respected; Honoured Male Indian
Gann Spear protector. Male English
Gannaath an epithet of Shiva Male Bengali
Gannaath An Epithet of Shiva Male Indian
Gannath An Epithet Of Shiva Male Assemese
Gannath An Epithet of Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gannie Fair skinned. Male Gaelic
Gannon Speannan. Male English
Gannon Fair skinned. Male Gaelic
Gannon The God of Silence Male Indian
Gannon fair-complexioned Male Irish
Ganpat Lord Ganesha Male Indian
Ganpati Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Ganya Garden of the Lord; Notable; Important Person Male Indian
Ganya Worships God. Male Russian
Ganymede Cup bearer to the gods. Male Greek
Gaothaire Free wind. Male Gaelic
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