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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Gamal camel Male Arabic
Gamal Camel; Handsome Male Indian
Gamal beauty Male Muslim
Gamal / Gamali Camel Male Muslim
Gamali Camel Male Arabic
Gamaliel Recompense of God, camel of God. Male Biblical
Gamaliel God is my reward Male Hebrew
Gamaliel Recompense of God; Camel of God Male Indian
Gaman Male Hindu
Gaman Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Gamatee N/A Male Indian
Gamati With a Flexible Mind Female Indian
Gamba warrior Male African
Gambheer deep, serious Male Bengali
Gambheer Deep; Serious Male Indian
Gambheera Serious Female Indian
Gambheera Deep; Serious Male Indian
Gambhir Deep; Serious Male Indian
Gambhira Considerate; Thoughtful Male Indian
Gamble old Male Norse
Gamer Defender. Male Teutonic
Gamil Beautiful Male Arabic
Gamil beautiful Male Muslim
Gamila beautiful Female Muslim
Gamini Walk; To run Female Assemese
Gamini Walk; To run Female Bengali
Gamini Walk; To Run Female Indian
Gamliel God is my reward Male Hebrew
Gammadims Dwarfs. Male Biblical
Gamul A recompense. Male Biblical
Gamya A Destiny Female Indian
Gan dare; adventure Male Chinese
Gana garden Female Hebrew
Gana Garden; Troop Female Indian
Gana Garden; Troop Male Indian
Ganadhakshya Lord of All Ganas (Gods) Male Bengali
Ganadhakshya Lord of All Gods / Ganas Male Indian
Ganadhyakshina Leader of All the Celestial Bodies Male Indian
Ganak An Astrologer Male Indian
Ganaka One Who Calculates Male Bengali
Ganaka One who Calculates Male Indian
Ganakshi Desire or Want Female Indian
Ganamnya N/A Male Indian
Gananath Lord Ganesha Male Indian
Gananayika Goddess Parvati Female Indian
Ganapathi Lord Ganesha Male Indian
Ganapati Lord Ganesh Male Bengali
Ganapati Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Ganaraj Lord of the Clan Male Indian
Ganarupa N/A Male Indian
Ganasen N/A Male Indian
Ganashyam N/A Male Indian
Ganatra N/A Male Indian
Ganda Knot Female Indian
Gandadevi N/A Male Indian
Gandaki N/A Male Indian
Ganden Lord of the Clan Male Indian
Gandesha Lord of Fragrance Male Indian
Gandha Fragrant Female Indian
Gandhaa a sweet smelling Male Assemese
Gandhaa A Sweet Smelling Male Indian
Gandhali Fragrance of flowers; Sweet scent Female Bengali
Gandhali Sweet Scent Female Hindi
Gandhali Fragrance of Flowers Female Indian
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