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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Gandhali N/A Male Indian
Gandhan Sun; Heavenly Musicians Male Indian
Gandhar Fragrance Male Bengali
Gandhar Fragrance Male Indian
Gandhara Fragrance Female Assemese
Gandhara Fragrance Female Indian
Gandhara Sweet Scent; Fragrance Male Indian
Gandharaj King of Fragrance Male Indian
Gandhari From Gandhara Female Indian
Gandharika Preparing Perfume Female Bengali
Gandharika Preparing Perfume Female Indian
Gandharin Fragrant; Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gandharv Celestial Musician; Master in Music Male Indian
Gandharva Celestial Musician Male Indian
Gandharvi The Army of Gandharvas Female Indian
Gandhavadhu Heavenly Musicians Male Indian
Gandhesa King of Fragrance Male Indian
Gandhi Dhritrashtra's Wife Female Indian
Gandhi Sun Male Indian
Gandhik Fragant Male Bengali
Gandhik Fragrance Male Indian
Gandhini Fragrant Female Assemese
Gandhini Fragrant Female Indian
Gandhiv Illuminator of the Earth Male Indian
Gandhu N/A Male Indian
Gandira Hero Male Assemese
Gandira Hero Male Indian
Gandiva Conquers the Earth Male Indian
Ganel N/A Male Indian
Ganendra Lord Of A Troop Male Bengali
Ganendra Lord of a Troop Male Indian
Ganesa Godess Of Intelligence And Wisdom Female Hindi
Ganesa good luck Female Hindu
Ganesa Good Luck Female Indian
Ganesa King of the Ganas / Troops Male Indian
Ganesamoorthi Fragrance Male Indian
Ganesan N/A Male Indian
Ganesh Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Male Assemese
Ganesh Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Male Bengali
Ganesh a Hindu God Male Hindu
Ganesh Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Male Indian
Ganesha Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati; Lord Ganesh Male Indian
Ganeshalingam Son of Lord Shiva Male Indian
Ganeshram N/A Male Indian
Ganesvara Son of Lord Shiva Male Indian
Ganet Garden Female Hebrew
Gang strength Male Chinese
Ganga particular river Female Bengali
Ganga Sacred River of India Female Indian
Ganga The Great Holy River Male Indian
Ganga Ram The great holy river Male Bengali
Gangaadatt Gift of the Ganges Male Indian
Gangaadhar God Shankar; Lord Shiva Male Indian
Gangaadhara The Wearer of Ganga Male Indian
Gangaaraam Similar to Ganga Male Indian
Gangabhai N/A Female Indian
Gangadatt Gift Of The Ganges Male Assemese
Gangadatt Gift of the Ganges Male Indian
Gangadevi River Ganga Female Indian
Gangadhar Shiva Male Indian
Gangadhara Holding the Ganges River Male Indian
Gangadutt Gift Of Ganga Male Bengali
Gangadutt Gift of Ganga Male Indian
Gangaiah River Ganga Male Indian
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