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Popular Baby Names starting with H

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hafsa Baby lion, young lioness, Moon, Beautiful Female Arabic -
Hafsah A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W). Female Arabic -
Hafsah Married to the prophet. Female Egyptian -
Hafsah A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W) Female Muslim -
Hafsah, Hafsa Wife of the Prophet Female Muslim -
Hafthah Preserved, protected Female Arabic -
Hafthah Preserved, protected Female Muslim -
Hagab A grasshopper. Male Biblical -
Hagabah A grasshopper. Male Biblical -
Hagaleah From the hedged meadow. Male English -
Hagalean From the hedged enclosure. Male English -
Hagan Young. Male Gaelic -
Hagan Youthful Male Irish -
Hagan strong defense Male Teutonic -
Hagar 'A stranger, one that fears' Male Biblical -
Hagar forsaken or "stranger." The name of Sa.. Male Hebrew -
Hagaward Keeper of the hedged enclosure. Male English -
Hagen Killed Siegfried. Male Norse -
Hagen Strong defender. Male Teutonic -
Haggai Feast, solemnity. Male Biblical -
Haggeri A stranger. Male Biblical -
Haggi A stranger. Male Biblical -
Haggiah The Lord's feast. Male Biblical -
Hagibis fast Male Filipino -
Hagley From the hedged enclosure. Male English -
Hagly From the hedged enclosure. Male English -
Hagop substitute Male Armen -
Hagrama N/A Male Indian -
Haha Exclamation of Surprise; Water; Sky; Blood; Meditation Male Indian -
Hahkethomemah Little robe (Cheyenne). Male Native-American -
Hahn rooster Male German -
Hahnee Beggar. Male Native-American -
Hai two; second Female Vietnamese -
Hai Mass, heap. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hai sea Male Chinese -
Hai sea; lion Male Vietnamese -
Haiba Charm Female Indian -
Haidah / Haedah Who repents. Female Afghan -
Haidar Short, Short Stature. Male Afghan -
Haidar Lion Male Indian -
Haidee modest Female Greek -
Haider Lion Male Arabic -
Haider Lion; King of Jungle Male Indian -
Haider Lion Male Muslim -
HaiderBux N/A Male Indian -
Haifa slender Female Arabic Hayfa
Haifa Slender; Of Beautiful Body Female Indian -
Haifa Slender, Of beautiful body Female Muslim -
Haifa, Hayfa Slender, of beautiful body Female Muslim -
Haig legendary Armenian patriarch Male Armen -
Haig From the hedged enclosure. Male English -
Haihaya The Horse Male Bengali -
Haihaya The Horse Male Indian -
Haikal Tale Male Arabic -
Haikal Tale Male Muslim -
Haile hero Male Unknown -
Hailey Field of hay. Usually a surname. Female English -
Hailley N/A Female Indian -
Haima Goddess Parvati; Snow Female Indian -
Haima Snow; Frost; Dew; Golden Male Indian -
Haimainti Hemanta season Female Bengali -
Haimavathi Goddess Lakshmi Female Indian -
Haimavati Parvati; Lord Shiva's Wife Female Indian -
Haimi the seeker Female Hawaiian -
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