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Popular Baby Names starting with H

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hakue Pure Blessing Male Indian -
Hakupha A commandment of the mouth. Male Biblical -
Hal A nickname for Henry 'Rules his household.'. Male English -
Hal Diminutive of Henry: Home or House Ruler. Male German -
Hal War chief. Male Norse -
Hal 'King Henry IV, Part 1' Nickname of Henry, Prince of Wales and son to King Henry the Fourth. Hal becomes Henry, and King at the end of Part 2. King in King Henry V Male Shakespearean -
Hal Mighty in war. Male Teutonic -
Hala Sweetness Female Arabic -
Hala Halo Around the Moon; Plough; Girlfriend; Great; Dazzling Female Indian -
Hala Sweetness Female Muslim -
Hala Halo Around the Moon; Plough; Girlfriend; Great; Dazzling Male Indian -
Halabhrt Carrying a Plough; Another Name for Krisna's Brother Balarama Male Indian -
Halag Pious. Female German -
Halah Aureole. Female Arabic -
Halah Aureole Female Muslim -
Halah A moist table. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Halah, Haala Aureole Female Muslim -
Halak Part. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Halayudha Weaponed with a Plough Male Indian -
Halbart Brilliant hero. Male English -
Halbert Brilliant hero. Male English -
Halbert Shining jewel. Male Teutonic -
Halburt Brilliant hero. Male English -
Halcyon Calm. Derived from the name of a Greek mythological sea bird. Commonly used in the expression 'halcyon days.'. Female Greek -
Halcyone Daughter of Aeolus. Female Greek -
Haldan Half Dane. Male Teutonic -
Haldane From Denmark. Male English -
Halden From Denmark. Male English -
Halden Half Dane. Male Norse -
Halden half Dane Male Teutonic -
Haldis stone spirit; reliable, assistant Female Teutonic, Norse -
Hale hero; army ruler Both Old-English, Old-Norse -
Hale Lives in the hall. Male English -
Hale Hall. Male Swedish -
Hale Robust. Male Teutonic -
Halebeorht Brilliant hero. Male English -
Haleef Ally, confederate Male Arabic -
Haleef Ally, confederate Male Muslim -
Haleem Patient Male Arabic -
Haleem Lord of Sound Male Indian -
Haleem Patient Male Muslim -
Haleema Gentle, patient Female Arabic -
Haleema Gentle; Patient Female Assemese -
Haleema Gentle; Patient Female Indian -
Haleh Halo Female Indian -
Haleigh Field of hay. Usually a surname. Female English -
Haleigha house of the rising sun Female Hawaiian Haleah, Leigha
Halen Hall. Male Swedish -
Halette Little Hal. Female French -
Haley Field of hay. Usually a surname. Female English -
Haley Ingenious or Scientific Female Indian -
Haley hero Female Scandinavian Hailey
Haley Ingenious Male Irish -
Halford From the hall by the ford. Male English -
Halfrid Peaceful heroine. Female German -
Halfrida Peaceful heroine. Female German -
Halfrith Peaceful home. Female English -
Halfryta Peaceful home. Female English -
Halhul Grief, looking for grief. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hali sea; necklace, place name Female Greek, Hebrew -
Hali Sickness, a beginning, a precious stone. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hali Sea. Male Greek -
Halia Remembrance of a loved one. Female Hawaiian -
Haliah Aware, knowing. Female Afghan -
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